Best 2021 Family SUVs

If you want to buy a family SUV, those presented below are very good choices. The market is dominated by some great premium offerings that can be great for taking the kids to school and tackling mildly rugged terrain, wintery conditions, long-distance cruising, and towing duties.

This part of the SUV market is hotly contested. Space, safety, and style are the most important factors to consider. Also, if you are interested in sustainability, many of the family SUVs below are available as plug-in tax-friendly hybrids.

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is definitely an all-rounder. It is classy and does not have many faults. The only real problem is that the handling is a little anodyne. If you are a keener driver, you will not love it. However, such a shortcoming did not prevent the Audi Q5 to be just as successful as the predecessor. It quickly became a best seller in all countries where it is available.

The family SUV is definitely pricey but it is desirable, practical, and quiet. It also has two plug-in hybrid versions you can choose from. The particularly smooth option is the 55 TFSIe, with an electric motor and a 2.0 litre turbo petrol, offering 369 lb ft. and 362 bhp. The running potential is of 26 miles while on battery.


The BMW X3 is very easy to handle and much more than anyone expected when BMW was said to build a mid-range decent-handling SUV. X3 has strong powertrains with a high appeal, although the smaller diesel engine is not that refined. The BMW X3 plug-in is not as great as the conventionally powered range from a dynamic point of view but with absolutely everything else, this SUV is great. You get decent standard equipment installed but the quality of the car is above that of most of the competition, with on-road manners that do not have many faults, even when running on flat tires.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

This is an entry-level Land Rover but it does offer the high charm, comfort, and capability of the brand. It was facelifted in 2019, and uses the same exact PTA platform like the Evoque, without losing characteristics you like with the original. It is riding higher than opponents, gives better visibility and has a strong 4×4 capability.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport does feel like a traditional SUV vehicle when driving, with suitable handling. The interior is practical, which is a very important selling point. The diesel and petrol engines are supplemented by a mild-hybrid 48V architecture, which improves fuel economy. You can also use a P300e plug-in hybrid option. When you want increased off-road ruggedness, Discovery Sport is definitely something to take into account.

Jaguar F-Pace

The first SUV from Jaguar is a doozy. It has remarkable handling, much cabin space and is very well-selling, until overtaken by the E-Pace, which was smaller.

The 4 cylinder diesel engine is pretty good, with a hesitant gearbox and slight jitters, and even with noisy riding conditions. With some improvement needed in car steering, we still see a very good car with fine-handling. F-Pace SVR is definitely a riot, with brilliantly executed parts.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq is a top-level family SUV and although it does not come from a premium car maker, it undercuts cheap plusher offerings by an insignificant amount. You would be sacrificing the premium-feel materials, but everything else is great. The other family SUVs above have great handling and suitable ride quality, with a third seats row. Not much should be improved with Skoda Kodiaq.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

The updated GLC has a luxurious-feeling interior and is well-appointed, making it undeniable for a top 10 list, although the numb steering does not make it very best.

The driving is similar to a car but it does ride less serenely than the other Mercedes-Benz vehicles. You can opt for extra air suspension, which should definitely be considered.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The Alfa Romeo took the engines and platform of the Giulia, added ride height and 4WD technology to create a very great handling SUV, the Stelvio. It has remarkable handling and those film-star looks as standard. The diesel engine is very gruff and although handling is not the best, a part of the cabin materials do feel cheap and plain.

The 2020 facelift did improve something, with better driver aids and a great infotainment system, even if we cannot really see the differences between the new model and the original.

Volvo XC60

When launched in 2017, this was the safest vehicle that was ever tested by the Euro NCAP system. Even now, it is still safe and does look great. It has good driver appeal, being an overall comfortable, slick family wagon. Volvo recently revised the engine line-up so some electrification is available. There are mild-hybrid architecture options for the diesel and petrol B-series models, but the T8 and T6 plug-in hybrids have the best potential.

Seat Tarraco

This is actually Seat’s first full-sized SUV attempt and it is definitely a very good one. The Spanish SUV does share things with the Kodiaq, and includes 7 seats as being standard. It is more incisive and more agile than most SUVs of its size, with sharper handling. Refinement and comfort are quite great. The interior is finished and the diesel and petrol motors are very refined.

Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento did come quite a long way since its boxy, bland original version from 2002. We are now at the fourth generation model and we can easily say that it is the best one yet, making it to the top 10 list of family SUVs. The interior is cavernous and the seven-seat layout is attractive, thus winning good points for it being practical, versatile, and spacious.

The but is that the hybrid powertrain cannot deliver gains when it comes to fuel efficiency during city driving. The dynamic nature of the SUV is also not great. However, it is comfortable and refined enough at steady cruise speeds.