2014 Ford Explorer Sport vs. 2014 Ford Limited

Ford is a famous car manufacturer around the world. The company has manufactured and presented a whole range of various types of cars which have been appreciated by numerous people and who have managed to set themselves apart from other cars from the same categories through certain special features or specifications which have made them unique on the market.

Two of the models that are currently wide popular among Ford car fans are Ford Explorer Sport and Ford Limited. Let’s see what these two models of cars have to offer and what might make one or the other a great choice.

The New Ford Explorer Sport


The new Ford Explorer Sport is a certain choice if you want a magnificent driving experience as it has been characterized by people passionate about cars and who have given it a spin. The new Ford Explorer Sport comes equipped with an amazing Eco Boost Twin-Turbo V6 engine that features a 3.5L capacity. It has been appreciated mainly for delivering the greatest horsepower in its class namely a 365 horsepower which makes its responsive performance quite unique.

Another great feature that makes the new Ford Explorer Sport a great choice in terms of performance is represented by its automatic transmission that is a Select Shift type featuring 6 speed limits.  Its steering wheel-mounted type of paddle shifters are not something to forget mentioning either because it makes it quite easy for users to quickly change its gears when necessary.

These features, together with its sport-tuned type of suspension that has been considered for a tight handling ability as well as a perfect stability make the new Ford Explorer Sport an amazing car meant to be driven by drivers interested in keeping the car and their driving performance under total control.

The Amazing Ford Limited

2014 ford explorer

Now that we have decided that Ford Explorer Sport is a perfect choice for its performance let’s see what the amazing Ford Limited has to offer. Well, the very first thing that attracted our attention when facing it for the first time was the intelligent access with push button start which is different from what we have been accustomed so far when it comes to Ford cars.

The car is a very sensitive one so watch out because it seems to sense when the key is nearby so it might take you by surprise when it opens faster than you can even think it would. Interested in finding out how the doors get unlocked? Get ready for this: just gently touch the door handle to unlock the side door from the driver side and this is it. All the doors will be automatically unlocked. Smart car, isn’t it?

Ford Explorer Sport vs. Ford Limited

Well, these are definitely not the only features to fundamentally characterize neither the new Ford Explorer Sport nor the new Ford Limited but they helped us immediately set these two cars apart from this point of view. All in all, we recommended the Ford Explorer Sport for those who want perfect performance and a driving experience kept under control.

On the other hand, we recommend the amazing Ford Limited to drivers interested in all sort of amazing and innovative features which set this car apart from previous models. If you want something spectacular you should definitely choose Ford Limited.