Why Buy a Used Hyundai Tucson SUV?

Uninspiring yet practical, these SUVs are popular among consumers seeking hassle-free transport. Offering top value, sleek looks and the latest hi-tech features.

Hertz Car Sales offers used Tucsons as reliable passenger carriers that come equipped with modern tech for safety and convenience, but these models do have certain drawbacks that should be considered before purchasing one.


Hyundai vehicles have earned themselves an excellent reputation for reliability. While some older Tucson models may have encountered issues, these have mostly been resolved through customer service and recall programs offered by Hyundai. Drivers reported experiencing sluggish acceleration in these older Tucsons; these issues were promptly rectified through software updates or other measures, making the SUV an even more reliable choice among compact SUV buyers.

Some older Tucson models have experienced issues with the Forward Collision-Avoidance System that caused incorrect detection of obstacles or vehicles ahead of the driver. These issues were resolved through software updates and other measures including having the system recalibrated at a dealership; nevertheless, these problems should not discourage buyers from purchasing used Tucson models.

Used Tucsons offer Goshen drivers many advantages, from stylish looks and intelligent features, to lower costs than new Tucsons. Used models may also save money compared to new ones – an attractive proposition for Goshen residents looking for ways to save money. It’s important, however, to inspect any used Tucson for signs of wear and tear before making your purchase decision.

While the Tucson has an overall good reliability rating, 2016 model year cars should be avoided due to engine and transmission problems that make it less reliable than prior years. Some owners have even reported engine failure! Other potential issues may include sluggish acceleration and electrical issues; but these should rarely affect most drivers; otherwise its overall high reliability rating makes purchasing it worthwhile.


Hyundai Tucson SUVs have long been recognized for their impressive safety features, so it should come as no surprise that used Hyundai Tucson models offer unmatched protection on both roads and parking lots. Contact our store now if you would like more information!

Dependent upon their model year, some of our used Tucson inventory may feature advanced driver assistance technology. But for maximum safety and performance, we suggest shopping for pre-owned Tucsons from the third generation (2016-2021 model years). These vehicles offered many key upgrades that helped propel them to become top sellers within their class such as more powerful engines, updated designs, and access to cutting-edge safety features available only through this generation of Tucson.

As well as intelligent sensors to keep an eye on your blind spots, these SUVs feature rear occupant alert systems with ultrasonic sensors to check your back seat for passengers – and can send an alert directly to your smartphone! Furthermore, SmartParking Assist will help navigate a tight parking spot seamlessly for you.

There are also various innovative safety features available, such as Highway Driving Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. The latter combines Lane Following Assist with Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control to keep a safe distance between yourself and the car ahead. In addition, it automatically adjusts speed according to incoming bends in the road or speed limits; monitors for lane departures; and can even take over steering duties if needed.


Hyundai’s advanced safety features ensure a relaxing and comfortable drive, such as Driver Attention Warning which monitors driving patterns to detect signs of fatigue; Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) which alerts the driver with visual and audible cues when it’s time to switch lanes; High Beam Assist which automatically switches low beam when approaching oncoming vehicles or cars in your blind spot and works in conjunction with LVDA in order to reduce potential collisions;

An enhanced seven-airbag system featuring a first row centre side airbag gives passengers the security they need, while Hyundai SmartSense technology such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Junction Turning; Blind Spot View Monitor (BVM); and Multi-Air Mode are also featured to create an ideal interior environment.

The TUCSON was designed to reduce emissions without compromising fun-to-drive performance, offering the broadest selection of electrified powertrains in its segment – including gasoline 48V mild hybrid, diesel, and plug-in hybrid systems. Furthermore, a clutch decoupling system allows engine to detach from transmission during idle for greater fuel efficiency.

The TUCSON offers an intuitive 7.0-inch touchscreen for accessing apps, audio and video content quickly and seamlessly – including Android Auto(tm) and Apple CarPlay(tm). Furthermore, this system can display calendar events from connected smartphones so drivers can stay abreast of upcoming events from the comfort of their driver seat.

Utilizing the Bluelink(tm) app, you can effortlessly update the vehicle software of your Tucson via over-the-air updates. With such quick and efficient upgrades available to you at all times, ensuring you always have access to the latest features.


Used Hyundai Tucson SUVs offer sleek profiles and intelligent features at competitive prices, providing comfortable rides on long trips or memorable family excursions. Inside you will find plenty of tech amenities and advanced safety features; while various powertrain options give your adventures plenty of oomph.

The 2022 Tucson is an SUV designed to meet all your family’s transportation needs with its spacious cabin and abundant cargo space, perfect for families. Additionally, its hands-free Smart Power Liftgate makes loading heavy items effortless while its standard driver assistance features include blind-spot monitoring and lane-keeping assist.

Used Tucsons equipped with hybrid or plug-in electric drivetrains will increase fuel efficiency. According to IIHS ratings, this compact SUV was also recognized as a Top Safety Pick. Reliability and durability make the Tucson an excellent option for family vehicles or rugged adventurers alike.

Hyundai provides some of the industry’s best warranty coverage. Their 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty with no mileage restriction includes roadside assistance and transferable bumper-to-bumper limited warranties for added peace of mind.

There’s an extensive selection of used Hyundai Tucson SUV models for sale at this dealership, along with a team of experts ready to assist in finding your ideal model. They will explain each trim level and feature before providing a comprehensive inspection to ensure it fits your needs perfectly. And once ready to purchase one of these pre-owned cars, financing and trade-in options will also be available through them.


At Wallace Hyundai of Fort Pierce, when you purchase a used Tucson from us, you’ll gain the benefit of owning an affordable compact SUV that can handle commutes to Amityville, NY as well as family outings comfortably and stylishly. Not only that; each used Tucson also comes equipped with numerous high-tech safety features and luxurious comfort amenities to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of you and your passengers.

With this model, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride even on rough roads thanks to its four-wheel independent suspension and excellent ground clearance. Inside is quiet and spacious with ample headroom for all passengers and plenty of cargo room for all your belongings and equipment.

If you plan to be doing a lot of traveling, a four-wheel drive Tucson will give you extra security and confidence on any surface. But for commuters needing constant transportation solutions, a front wheel drive Tucson may prove just as reliable and economical.

The Tucson is an excellent budget option, boasting above-average fuel economy and a comprehensive set of standard features. However, some model years have experienced engine issues which may prove costly to repair; when purchasing used Tucson models from these years it would be wise to do your research carefully and avoid them as much as possible.

The Hyundai Tucson has an excellent resale value. With its stylish modern design and top-of-the-line build, buyers are more likely to buy this small SUV, thus increasing its resale value over other comparable small SUVs. Furthermore, its advanced technology features will keep you connected and entertained on the road; no wonder why families and commuters alike favor the Tucson. Visit us in Fort Pierce FL today if you’re ready to test drive one yourself!