The Best Retro Used SUVs

Jeep Scout has always been a classic vehicle, boasting an iconic vintage appearance that cannot be denied. Though its engines might not match up to those found on Bronco models, its robust chassis and variety of options make this vehicle perfect for trail adventures.

With classic Ford Bronco prices steadily on the rise, finding a quality-built Toyota FJ at a much more reasonable cost can be much easier. Velocity Modern Classics stands out as an innovative SUV builder by providing comprehensive builds built to last.

1. 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is an icon. A stylish SUV that perfectly blends family-friendly capability with premium feel. Production ran from 1984-1991 and attracted shoppers looking for something more comfortable than trucks from Ford, GM, or International as well as full-size SUVs of that time period.

At its height, the Wagoneer was equipped with numerous luxurious features to entice shoppers who desired an all-terrain vehicle. Some examples of these extravagant features included power assisted steering and brakes, air conditioning, tinted glass windows, six-way power seats upholstered with leather featuring Cumberland Cord inserts, tinted glass tinting and the AccuSound by Jensen audio system.

Upgrades and improvements made the Wagoneer even more desirable to buyers, including: * A two-spoke steering wheel equipped with stalks for controlling headlights and wiper/washer controls; ** An available power sunroof; and an upgraded 3.6L V8 engine capable of producing up to 210 horsepower. Additionally, Grand Wagoneers were estimated by the EPA fuel consumption estimates to consume 18 mpg-US in city driving and 25 on highway – impressive numbers at that time for large SUVs.

Due to its iconic status, Grand Wagoneer values are steadily increasing over time. According to Hagerty’s estimates, nice driver examples in condition #4 (“Fair”) can be had for around $20,000 while top-condition #1 (Concours) models can go for six times that amount with some being sold for more than $40,000. With news that Jeep may release another Grand Wagoneer model in 2021, values may only continue rising.

2. Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery SUV is the Swiss Army knife of SUVs, capable of everything from transporting families around to towing caravans out of muddy fields. Furthermore, this luxurious ride boasts high-end features that rival some of its more costly seven-seat competitors.

Land Rover Ocala offers the 2024 Land Rover Discovery at Land Rover Ocala with much enhanced technology that makes this model stand out. For instance, its infotainment system is now easier to use; connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration; there’s even a reversing camera and lane departure warnings standard, plus Meridian sound system – offering all-round performance for all your driving needs!

Metro Edition trim offers standard head-up display unit and four-zone climate control; for additional comfort features like adjustable seats with 20 way driver side adjustment on driver’s side or powered steering column adjustment upgrade to R-Dynamic SE for even greater comfort features such as matrix LED headlights that remain within main beam without dazzle other road users and 22″ wheels for even more attraction.

However, the interior of the Discovery truly stands out. There are fewer hard plastics than you’ll find in most premium rivals and areas you touch frequently are covered with soft-touch materials for added comfort. Plus, its design can be personalized via various seat and headlining colors as well as dashboard finisher strips – adding another level of customization.

3. Dodge Durango

The 2024 Dodge Durango provides American muscle to the family SUV market. First introduced more than 10 years ago, however, its fuel efficiency is increasingly inadequate and many of the latest tech features families require remain unavailable.

Even so, this SUV stands out when driven with force – such as with the Durango SRT. Its powerful engine can launch this 5,500-pound behemoth to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds while its braking and steering feel competent enough for an SUV of this size.

No matter where it’s driven in Bourbonnais, Illinois or on its travels to the beach, the Durango SUV was designed for comfort with roomy seating and ample storage spaces. Two family-friendly seating configurations allow it to seat either 6 or 7 passengers at once while its cargo hold offers 85.1 cubic feet of space when rear seats are folded down.

If the burly SUV’s WWE-like demeanor isn’t to your taste, perhaps a more refined alternative like the Mazda CX-9 would better meet your needs with its engaging handling and attractive interior. Newcomers such as Kia Telluride and Ford Bronco also deliver solid performance while providing premium SUV experiences; both rivals also come equipped with more standard safety features than the Durango.

4. Isuzu Trooper

Are You Searching For An Off-Road Vehicle That’s Less Expensive Than an FJ or Jeep? Consider an Isuzu Trooper as Your Solution If so, criminally overlooked by classic SUV enthusiasts this Japanese take on Bronco and Scout is surprisingly reliable and capable off-road. Most surviving Troopers feature three or five door hardtop models powered by an inline four that still holds its own on modern freeways while an optional 3.2 Liter V6 was also made available.

Opt for an Isuzu Trooper from 1992-95 with 5-speed manual transmission as this model represents its peak. Luxurious features, such as air conditioning, cruise control and AM/FM/cassette stereo make living with it on the road easy; its sophisticated suspension offers a smooth highway ride while it may become truck-like over rough surfaces at lower speeds.

Its boxy style makes it easy to see that this vehicle was inspired by Land Rover Discovery, though recent styling attempts have attempted to hide that shape. Even so, its utilitarian looks serve the Trooper well; they make it ideal for serious off-road adventures and can tow more than some mid-sized SUVs on this list. If you find one for sale or lease, inspect for signs of off-road damage while keeping engine and drivetrain components in top shape; parts are relatively affordable so that it should return back into top condition without delay!

5. Daihatsu Rocky

Though its exterior may appear simple, today’s Nice Price or No Dice Daihatsu Rocky may make for an enjoyable and capable small SUV for its owner. Indeed, Daihatsu’s Rocky has proven popular across international markets and even proved itself as an alternative to more established Suzuki Samurais; unfortunately their US entry was short-lived; our featured vehicle represents one of the final Rockys brought over before Daihatsu gave up on America.

A combination of factors doomed the Rocky, including a weak economy and difficulties associated with introducing a brand without name recognition and fickle Japanese import quotas. But perhaps its greatest misfortune was entering the US market so late. By 1990, SUVs had become huge business; rugged mini-SUVs such as Samurai and Geo Tracker were abundant.

Just under 7,500 Rockys made it to American shores, all two-door 4x4s featuring removable rear glass and roof panels. One such example found at a Denver self-serve wrecking yard has only seen few thousand miles since new and is powered by a 95 horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder. Furthermore, this SUV also comes equipped with manual transmission and four-wheel drive capability, making this ideal for off-road adventures. Click here to view its listing which provides more photos and details.

6. Toyota FJ40

Back when it first hit the road, Toyota FJ40s were widely revered as some of the most capable four-wheel drives ever created. That reputation lives on even though modern SUVs boast compliant suspensions and locking differentials which bring additional capability.

Not that anything should diminish the timeless and unflappable nature of an old-school Toyota; many still seek one out as they know it is reliable and ready for anything – whether driving across country roads or city streets, an FJ40 offers something different every time!

Legacy Overland transformed a classic FJ40 into a dream machine, using parts sourced from dry and rot-free Portugal to rebuild it almost to perfection. While keeping its classic cabin design, they installed modern amenities such as front disc brakes and ARB air lockers for improved off-road capabilities as well as adding Saginaw power steering system to help reduce steering wander and bump steer.

Under the hood, they kept the original 2F engine and transmission but enhanced it with fuel injection and a dual-range transfer case for more driving options. Furthermore, they replaced original rear axles and differentials with 4.73 gear ratio differentials as well as upgraded their brakes to Toyota’s oversized drum setup for even greater drivability.