5 Classic SUVs That Are Growing in Popularity Again

Classic SUV models are seeing renewed success on the roads today, providing rugged off-road capabilities along with classic style and reliability.

Rusted old SUVs used to be seen as undesirable, but now these classic vehicles are appreciating in value and worthy of your garage space. We’ve selected our top five classic SUVs which would look great.

The Blazer

The 2024 Blazer is an impressive SUV designed to offer comfort and power in one package. Boasting eye-catching exterior design and an innovative tech suite, the Blazer makes an impression wherever it travels – an excellent option for Seguin residents seeking an SUV with ample cargo capacity.

The Blazer stands out in mid-size SUV crowd with its instantly recognisable exterior design. Additionally, its agile handling and powerful engine options contribute to an engaging driving experience for passengers.

If you’re in the market for a new Blazer, we advise going for the V-6 model. With its stronger engine note and top-end power delivery, this SUV lives up to its Camaro-of-SUV image more convincingly. Additionally, its ability to tow up to 4,500 pounds makes it an excellent light duty hauling choice.

Inside, the Blazer offers an enjoyable driving experience with an intuitive climate control system and air vents that can be twisted to alter settings. There’s also a large 17.7-inch infotainment display canted toward the driver and surrounded by physical controls for its climate system on either side. A secondary 11.0-inch display provides gauges and other driving information.

Though its features are attractive, the Blazer doesn’t compare well with rival SUVs in terms of cabin quietness and cargo space. Rear headroom can be tight for passengers with larger frames while cargo space is somewhat lacking compared to most of its peers. Luckily, its excellent warranty covers its electric powertrain for five years with one maintenance visit during that period included as a part of its plan. Those seeking something more practical may want to consider opting for Chevy Equinox instead as it boasts better gas mileage while being significantly less costly than its rival.

The Defender

The Defender cabin exudes utilitarianism with its striking horizontal lines, metal trim, rubber flooring and many grab handles and bins. While utilitarian in design, the Defender does not slouch in terms of comfort when equipped with appropriate options; plus its comfortable ride height and generous cargo capacity make it the perfect road trip companion.

No matter if it’s off-roading, hunting, or just admiring the view, a Defender SUV is one of the toughest SUVs available. For an upscale touch, look for models equipped with height-adjustable adaptive air suspension; this allows you to raise or lower it for additional ground clearance or better access to cargo area.

Land Rover introduced the 300Tdi engine to their Defender lineup during the early 1990s (original diesel engines were upgraded), which enabled vehicles to comfortably cruise and tow heavy loads. Due to its enduring popularity and new emissions and safety regulations, these modified Defender models remain in production today despite making some modifications more challenging.

Current Defender models come with several trim levels, with the X being one of the most popular choices. It comes equipped with a gloss black inset contrast hood and gloss black claddings that enhance its off-road capabilities, plus you can select from various accessory packs to personalize it further.

Land Rover created special edition Defenders to commemorate their 60th anniversary, using both Defender 90 and 110 models based on Tangiers orange paint with Tangiers orange A-bars, roll cages, side steps and front spotlights – also featuring high intensity driving lamps that integrated sidelights with main headlamps to free up more space on each vehicle. These models featured unique high intensity driving lamps integrated into each sidelight to free up more room than usual for movement.

The FJ40

Toyota responded to an order by the American Army to develop a rugged 4WD vehicle suitable for use in hostile environments with great success and created one of the most iconic vehicles ever constructed: the FJ40 off-roading machine is one that stands the test of time and represents all that makes a classic SUV great – toughness, adventuresomeness, reliability and style – making this machine one you can rely on when taking out into nature with family or friends.

The FJ40 was manufactured from 1958 until 1984. Over this period it saw various iterations; two door FJ42 short wheelbase models; four door medium wheelbase four-wheel drive FJ45/47 series models; and the six door station wagon model (FJ60).

This Toyota FJ40 stands out with its beautiful Rustic Green exterior and Cream and Gray upholstery. The engine, gearbox and transfer case have all been rebuilt according to factory specs while new Toyo Open Country A/T tires adorn its wheels. Proffitt’s Cruisers installed ARB Air Lockers to provide extra traction when necessary while Saginaw power steering reduces bump steer and wandering.

If you’re on the market for a Toyota Land Cruiser, this one should definitely warrant further examination. Presented in lovely condition and complete with service records and extensive history file. It would make an ideal addition to a classic off-roader collection or add the finishing touch to an already existing classic Toyota; perhaps even providing you with the chance to build your ultimate FJ40.

The Touareg

Volkswagen first unveiled the Touareg SUV as one of their flagship models and it remains an icon today due to its excellent driving dynamics and extensive equipment list. Plus, its spacious yet comfortable cabin ensures an enjoyable driving experience – even on rough terrain!

Its front design was modified in January 2007 with an aim of giving it a more dynamic appearance while maintaining its impressive kerbside presence and cabin headroom. Furthermore, its LED taillights now boast an eye-catching horizontal strip featuring red illumination of Volkswagen logo for the first time ever.

At the rear, a newly designed bumper frame and subtle tweaks to taillights give the Touareg an even more robust appearance while simultaneously helping it handle off-road obstacles more efficiently. Furthermore, its rear doors have also been significantly wider to provide even more legroom for passengers, providing enough room for three rear passengers.

With an optional air suspension system, you can enjoy a luxurious driving experience regardless of where your journey takes you. The system automatically adjusts damping levels at each axle to absorb even extreme acceleration or braking forces with ease.

The Touareg’s safety features include numerous electronic aids and sensors designed to help its driver avoid accidents or lessen their impact. For instance, its Electronic Stability Control system intervenes if it detects an imminent rollover by reducing engine power, isolating battery voltage, shutting off fuel supplies and high-powered electrical units, as well as activating hazard warning lights – and in severe accidents may even reactivate seat belt pretensioners and airbags; furthermore it achieves excellent crash test results and meets Euro NCAP and US legislation requirements.

The Jeep Cherokee

The Cherokee is a compact SUV that has been around for five generations. Initially designed as an alternative to the larger Jeep Wagoneer, it remains one of the most beloved SUVs ever made due to its excellent off-road capabilities and comfortable on-road driving characteristics. The current generation debuted in 2014 and has successfully reinstated the nameplate after replacing an aging Liberty model from earlier in its lifespan.

The Cherokee features an efficient engine lineup and numerous features that make it competitive with other small SUVs in its segment. However, storage can be challenging in the back while some rival models provide better fuel economy. Furthermore, its interior seems disorganized with too many different colors and finishes and confusing cubbies that don’t provide much utility.

Still, the Cherokee remains an enjoyable and capable SUV suitable for adventure seekers in Greer, SC. It offers numerous off-road features, as well as trail-rated trims designed specifically to tame rough terrain.

The 2023 Cherokee comes equipped with a standard 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine producing 180 horsepower and 171 pound-feet of torque, paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. For off-road enthusiasts, the Trailhawk model adds taller suspension, skid plates, red tow hooks and black wheels; although these may not be optimal on-road performers they still offer capable off-road capability and can handle most roads or trails. When pitted against its main competitors such as Honda CR-V Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Forester while these latter three boast more advanced technologies, off-road capability is still exceptional and capable of handling tough terrain conditions.