Which Models Are the Best Used Audi SUVs?

Audi SUVs are an increasingly popular choice among drivers looking for an optimal mix of luxury features and family-oriented utility. But which models make the best used Audi SUVs?

The full-size Audi Q7 SUV is an icon. Boasting an expansive seven-seat cabin and high-class amenities, its smooth ride makes long motorway drives enjoyable while its rugged terrain capabilities enable it to tackle tough terrain with ease.


The Audi Q7 is an unparalleled blend of reliability, comfort, and performance in a luxury SUV. Though not the largest or cheapest of its kind, or even one of the fastest vehicles out there today – making it one of the top used SUV options available today.

Environmentalists might not welcome this SUV with open arms; its large size and muscular styling might jar with their beliefs about climate change. Yet it excels in every single area imaginable – be it shopping trips or motorway cruising.

Audi’s second generation Q7 SUV truly reached its stride when the second-generation design and launch of Audi Virtual Cockpit were unveiled, providing you with a full color screen enabling you to configure gauges, switch between different views of infotainment systems and maps, as well as configure them yourself.

Q7s latest generation is also an outstanding choice; though not as affordable, they remain excellent all-rounders that can compete easily against premium vehicles such as the Volvo XC90 and Land Rover Discovery.

Purchase of the Q7 at the right time is also crucial. Be wary of 2015-2016 models as these were plagued with an oil consumption issue which affected many owners. You should be able to find post-facelift cars from 2019 that feature all of the latest technology features.

If you’re searching for the perfect used SUV, be sure to explore Audi’s wide range at your local dealership. With everything from an incredible RS Q5 with powerful engine to futuristic electric innovation with the e-tron Sportback ready for tomorrow – our team can help find one to meet your specific needs – just contact us and tell us what model suits you best and our staff can show you our incredible selection of used Audi SUVs available today.


Audi’s Q8 luxury SUV delivers impressive power and sporty style. Standard features such as automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode make it an appealing family vehicle; and its high performance RS variant provides thrilling drive for enthusiasts eager to put their sports car skills through rigorous tests.

The luxury Q7 SUV is another top choice among three-row family SUV buyers, particularly since its second-generation version debuted in 2015. Since its debut, buyers looking for premium comfort and exciting driving dynamics quickly fell in love with it. Its spacious seven-seat interior provides ample room for everyone while its available third row seat can add extra passengers when necessary. Furthermore, this Q7 comes standard and optional adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and side assist features as standard or available features – including adaptive cruise control with adaptive speed limiter functionality as standard or optional safety features – and adaptive cruise control with adaptive speed limiter functions – standard and available features!

Audi’s top-rated SUV model, the e-tron, provides a luxury electric experience without compromising daily versatility. Its sleek exterior design stands out from its competition and features an advanced infotainment system to match. Furthermore, this fuel economy-rated model can help save on gas costs!

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Used Audi SUVs provide many advantages over buying new, including lower upfront pricing and less initial depreciation than new models. This enables drivers to more affordably access an Audi SUV that would otherwise be out of their price range or with features they don’t require. Search our selection of used Audi SUVs until you find one that meets your preferences – then contact us to arrange a test drive! Our friendly staff look forward to helping take your driving experiences to new levels!


The Audi Q5 is a luxury SUV featuring an efficient engine, stylish interior design, and cutting-edge technology features that combine to make driving enjoyable and attractive to the eye. Furthermore, this vehicle provides numerous safety and comfort amenities designed to help keep you safe on the road.

Audi’s Q5 SUV stands out as one of the most beloved models in its line-up, boasting an elegantly-appointed cabin for five passengers and offering advanced driver assistance and infotainment features.

Audi A3 features an efficient four-cylinder turbocharged engine and the quattro all-wheel drive system for outstanding handling in all weather conditions. Enjoy its advanced amenities, like keyless entry, navigation system and leather seats – plus much more.

However, the Q5 isn’t without its issues; during its 2009 debut year alone it experienced airbag issues and uncomfortable seats that lingered for some time afterwards. Some issues were eventually addressed; others such as leaky sunroofs or an unclear MMI infotainment interface remain to this day.

When purchasing a used Audi Q5, it is essential to determine whether its quirks will be deal-breakers for you. If they are, other alternatives such as BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC-Class might offer better choices; but if you can overlook these issues, the Q5 remains an impressive small luxury SUV option with ample capability and style.

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An Audi Q3 SUV is an ideal luxury vehicle to provide both space and comfort to drivers looking for something luxurious on the road. These vehicles feature advanced safety features to protect you and your family on the road, and are fuel efficient enough to get from point A to B without issue. Plus they have plenty of power – just remember only use it on roads specifically designated for them!

If you are searching for a reliable Audi car that will withstand the challenges of road driving, look no further than a pre-owned Audi Q3. This is one of the finest models from their lineup and makes driving easy; even small families can fit comfortably inside this model!

When shopping for pre-owned Audi SUVs, consider models from within the last 10 years. These vehicles have proven themselves reliable and can still be found today on many dealership lots. Also make sure that you shop around to find the best prices!

Pre-owned cars can be an excellent way to save money and take advantage of any savings to upgrade or purchase other necessities that you need. A used Audi will offer numerous advantages that make this investment worth your while.

Audi has an outstanding selection of SUVs designed for people who enjoy taking on life’s challenges on the road. Available in an array of sizes and configurations, these vehicles can be tailored specifically to meet your specific needs. To explore your options when purchasing an Audi SUV near you, visit a dealership where they’re being sold; their salesperson will help find one suitable to you and your family.