2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara VS 2014 Hyundai Tucson – What To Choose

Choosing a car is quite complicated when it comes to all the brands out there. There are many that prove to be a great choice for some drivers, but poor for others. It really depends on the needs of the individual and what he or she is planning with the car. Some need it in order to transport their 4 kids to school in the morning, others want to travel the country and see it on the road and there are some who use it on their daily routines.

Suzuki Grand Vitara VS Hyundai Tucson

2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2

Let’s take one of the two most interesting models in the Compact SUV/Crossover class and examine which one is the best choice in terms of model, efficiency, flexibility and pricing.

First of all, let’s take the engine issue and see which one scores better. The Suzuki Grand Vitara is a 2L naturally aspirated gas inline-4 that can function great for open roads and longer trips. In comparison, Hyundai Tucson comes forth with a 2.4L naturally aspirated gas Inline-4 which can take on a lot more gas, but it is proven to have a more powerful engine.  Despite this small difference between them, each of them is running on regular fuel unleaded.

When it comes to the transmission, the Hyundai Tucson comes with a normal 5-speed manual transition, designed for drivers that want to fully experience the driving of a strong car whereas Suzuki Grand Vitara comes with an automatic 6-speed transition, designed for the ones that don’t want to focus on the driving part of a trip. Additionally, this last car is great for families that have to make a lot of runs around the neighborhood.


2014 Hyundai Tucson

When talking about the price, you should understand that it’s important to firstly discover what your needs are and see which is the model that best satisfies them. In terms of dollars, the most expensive one is the Suzuki Grand Vitara, going up towards $21,450, talking about a car that has the basic features. If you want to go with a full option car, the prices will go a little bit higher.

When it comes to the Hyundai Tucson, the price is a little bit lower, reaching to a total of $20,799. Again it’s all about the extra features that you want to put it because the car can be a lot more expensive if you would like to throw in leather seats and a sports wheel.

Horse Power

2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Finally, when talking about horse power, there is not much of a difference here as well. For example, the Hyundai Tucson can reach up to 166 HP in comparison with the Suzuki Grand Vitara model that can go up to 165 HP. Of course, the driver’s skills and the context can easily dictate which one is stronger or faster, but the cars are much similar than one would expect.

Comfort plays an important role when buying a car and that is one of the best pieces of advice that you can follow. Which one feels more comfortable? That’s the one to firstly take into account.