2014 Toyota RAV4 vs 2014 Nissan X-Trail

In the event that you want to buy a smaller SUV, there is a pretty good possibility you will look at the 2014 Toyota RAV4 and the 2014 Nissan X-Trail. They are really popular and choosing between the two is quite difficult. While on sheet they do seem similar, the driving performance and experience are quite different.

Exterior And Interior

2014 nissan x-trail

The 2014 Toyota RAV4 is smaller when compared to the 2014 Nissan X-Trail, especially when analyzing the 2 door version. This will obviously cause a difference in driving experience and how much you are able to add inside. RAV4 stands out as more maneuverable in various situations. For instance, if you drive through the city, RAV4 is nimbler. The X-trail offers more protection and a better view.

Nissan X-Trail will give access to more space for the passengers but there is smaller legroom available, which can be a problem for taller people. Toyota only offers space for 4, although billed for 5. Seats inside RAV4 are much more comfortable. X-Trail offers a whole lot of cargo space. RAV4 suffers at this part of the analysis, especially when looking at the 2 doors option.

Efficiency And Performance

2014 Toyota RAV4

When looking at driving in the city, both SUVs are great. The same can be said for driving on the highway or in the countryside, sometimes even when referring to off-road sessions. RAV4, when equipped with AWD can tackle rough roads. Nissan X-Trail has a higher stance and includes AWD, so it can be better when dealing with terrain that is more difficult. When including automatic transmission, RAV4 delivers a better shift but there may be problems when dealing with a longer hill.

2014 Toyota RAV4 only has a gasoline engine, which is not as strong as the 2014 Nissan X-Trail’s, even if the engine is bigger in sheer size. Nissan X-Trail does have a diesel engine option that is rare on the market but it is quite great. RAV4 has better fuel efficiency and is great as a cruiser but does not have the low end power that the X-Trail showcases.

Overall Quality

The Toyota RAV4 will cost more upfront but money will be saved on the long term on repair bills. The Toyota RAV4 is the one that we have to recommend between the two, with a great, quiet interior and the overall reliability offered. However, in the event that you need more space, especially for cargo and you need to go off-roading a lot, the Nissan X-Trail 2014 is the one that has to be considered.