2017 Mercedez.Benz GLC Coupe Review

The 2017 Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe is competing with the BMW X6 and X4, with a sporty feel at a price. We are looking at an SUV that is coupe-shaped and that should be in a high demand in the European market. The vehicle is stylish and does offer practicality, making it an interesting choice for those that can afford the price tag.

The first thing you will notice is that the cabin offers enough space in all seats, although it is more suitable for children in the rear area. The boot will be squish if compared with the regular GLC, being around 50 liters smaller. However, it is broad enough. On the whole, the cabin is definitely going to be interesting and attractive for people that want to buy but this is definitely not the only thing of importance for such a sporty coupe SUV.


In the mid range 250 model we have a 2.0 litre 4 cylinders turbo petrol engine. It will offer 350 Nm and 155 kW. Similar to the standard GLC Coupe models, we have a nine speed automatic gearbox that will send the drive through all 4 wheels. The eco-savvy model is the 250d, being better from this point of view than the regular gas model even if outputs are larger.

Is The SUV Sporty?

We see the name Coupe so we should have some sort of sporty desire. The natural expectation that performance will be high around bends is definitely something that is a reality. 2017 Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe weighs 2 tons but steering will be properly weighted. However, it is quite difficult to say we are faced with a really sporty SUV. It is not going to be able to compete with other models on the market at the moment.

Obviously, the suspension is something that we need to look at when deciding if the driving part is great or not. Unfortunately, when compared with Macan, this SUV will not be able to properly recover from the road imperfections met, even if the suspension is adaptive. There is a little bit of juddering that is going to appear if the driving surface is not great. Handling is sustained, balanced and strong but the overall feeling is not as we would expect.

Good news comes from the fact that ride comfort is good. When hitting bumps the passengers are not going to be moved around as with other models. The cabin is properly insulated from the tyre roars.


On the whole, the Mercedes Bens 2017 GLC Coupe has various different quirks present but it will be quite convincingly a car that you will enjoy driving, unless you are not faced with bad roads too often. When compared with the GLC Coupe, there is an extra $10,000 that you should pay. You will find this as not being warranted in some cases but a few people will still love it. At the end of the day the buying decision will be subjective but we would go for the regular GLC.