2022 KIA EV6 Review – New Practical And Cool Electric Crossover

The 2022 KIA EV6 gathered a huge attention from enthusiasts from all around the world. This is particularly impressive since we are not talking about an ultra-luxury SUV. It is electric, a crossover, and tries to make a statement in the sector. This SUV breaks design rules and can easily be described as being innovative.

The very first standout point that comes to mind when looking at the 2022 KIA EV6 is the design. It is eye-catching on the outside, with a very cool interior. Families will love the massive back seat and the great performance, together with the range offered by the battery.

Interior And Technology

The metal trim on the console instantly stands out, together with colorful lighting, vibrant displays, and so much more. On the whole, we can only say the SUV looks really cool inside. It is futuristic but it is still usable when you are used to the standard design. You have access to all the traditional knobs and buttons, the separate instrument panel, and everything you expect, together with other new additions.

The only negative we can highlight is that a set of touch buttons act as both control for climate features and for infotainment. This means you have to press a swap button when you want to switch between infotainment and climate. It is a complication but some might even like that because it means there are fewer buttons present.

The touchscreen is 12.3 inches, the same one we see in other modern KIAs, which is very good since the system is one of the best on the market that the moment. You will love the menu, responsiveness, and appearance. Several interesting features are present, like the possibility of starting a split screen (60/40) so you can check what audio you listen to and the navigation screen.

The design of the instrument panel does need some work since the wheel hub will block many of the things displayed, like range and speed. You can use augmented reality with the GT-Line, which is much better when it comes to driving without being distracted.


The wheelbase is quite large. It is basically the same one as the Telluride, which has 3 rows. This is why you have huge backseat legroom, which is impressive given that the length of the 2022 KIA EV6 is basically between the Sorento and the Sportage. The much-praised Mustang Mach-E does not have such family-friendly interior. The only real problem is that front headroom is a little tight.

The official measurements offered by KIA for cargo space state that you have access to 24.4 cubic feet under the back seat. However, you will be happy to hear than you actually get more, which is impressive since we are talking about a crossover SUV.


The performance of the 2022 KIA EV6 is all about the battery size you choose and the use of a single axle or not. With the Light trim, the output is modest. You go up to 60 miles per hour in around 8 seconds, which is comparable to the Toyota RAV4. The range is 232 miles.

With the GT-Line and the Wind trims, the battery and motor are stronger. You get to 60 miles per hour in 7.2 seconds and the range goes up to a much better 310 miles. If you want even more power, you can go for AWD version for both GT-Line and Wind. This would take you to 5.1 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour, with a small range loss as this goes to 274 miles.

KIA will also launch the GT trim later in the year, which will offer 576 hp. This is big since it means drivers can reach 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds.

All the batteries will charge very fast, with 10 to 80% charges being possible in just 18 minutes. But, this is only possible with the 350-kW fast charger, which is not available everywhere.


KIA EV6 offers exactly what you would expect from a top electric SUV: low gravity center, immediate torque, quiet atmosphere, and one-pedal driving. But, we should highlight the fact that you are not going to get that head-snapping effect you might want from a sport vehicle. The focus is put on drivability and you will not get what you want if your goal is to show off the car.

Steering is stable, precise, with muted feedback. You get great road holding, better than regular SUVs. However, some might not like it that the SUV feels taller. The 2022 KIA EV6 is not going to be memorable to drive, even if it does look sportsy.

Prices And Safety Ratings

Initially, the 2022 KIA EV6 will offer 3 trim levels. They are GT-Line, Wind, and Light. GT is the fourth one that will come later on in 2022 or the beginning of 2023. There is a big price range jump when comparing Light with Wind, which is because of extra equipment and improved range/performance. The Light model is expected to cost around $42,000. The Wind is around $48,000 and the GT is around $52,000. If you want to get AWD, you pay around $3,000 more.

In all EV6 trims, you get automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, cyclist detection, blind-spot warning, rear cross-traffic warning, adaptive cruise control, driver inattention warning, and lane-keep assist as standards. With GT-Line, you get an improved highway driving assist system that is customizable based on your driving style.