Chevrolet Suburban 2014 Review

The Chevrolet Suburban 2014 is a crossover SUV that is perfect for those that want to haul more than a usual load and want to put their focus on the experience of the people riding, not on how much cargo is transported. The 2014 model is basically a carry over until the brand new 2015 Chevrolet Suburban surfaces. This is a really wide and long utility vehicle that has all the features you would expect. We can say that it is quite capable.

The Chevrolet Suburban 2014 is basically an extended version, a longer version of the Tahoe. It is around 20 inches longer and the width is 14 inches longer. This basically means you have a lot of third row seating space and cargo space.

Power And Driving

Chevrolet Suburban 2014 2

Many of the shoppers will appreciate the Chevrolet Suburban 1500 as it offers a V8 5.3 liters engine with 6 speeds automatic transmission. It manages to offer 320 hp. The engine is responsive and pleasant. The shifts are smooth and the downshifts are quick. The towing capacity goes as high as 8,000 pounds.

The engine is surprisingly economic with an EPA rating that goes at 15-21 city-highway. The Suburban 2500 models will maximize the load capacity of the Chevrolet Suburban 2014 and its towing capacity. All this happens without changing interior package. The fuel economy will be lower with 2500 and the engine is 352 hp V6 6.0 liters.

With such SUVs, there is no focus put on handling as it is not a priority. The Suburban offers a great ride quality and is quite confident while on the road. It is really maneuverable, more than you would expect with such an engine.


Chevrolet Suburban 2014 3

Chevrolet Suburban 2014 has a cabin that has many advantages, more than disadvantages. You have a lot of space available and the panel design is really easy to understand. There is no high-end infotainment interface and the real downside is that the design feels a little outdated when you look at it.

When referring to what you will get inside the vehicle, variety is something that you will appreciate. There are quite many options but you will feel a little disappointed with the flexibility. Third row seats will be disappointing as you basically just get a folding bench. On the whole, if you chose properly, the 2014 Chevrolet Suburban will give you access to seating for a maximum of 9 people. However, the third row is much better suited for kids.

You can get the Suburban in four wheel or rear wheel drive. Out of the different features included, you will appreciate Bluetooth connectivity as it is standard, just like tri zone AC, cruise control and a great audio system. Various technical additions are possible, if you want to.