Mercedes Benz ML 2014 Vs Audi Q7 2014 – Which One Should You Buy?

The Mercedes Benz ML was among the first of all the SUVs that appeared on the market with the first model dating back to 1998. It is currently among the most respected in the industry. Audi joined this upscale fray with the Q7 in 2007 but it did manage to climb the ladder pretty fast. Is the Q7 2014 model better than the Benz ML 2014? Read on to find out.

Price And Fuel Consumption

These are the two factors that are usually taken into account by people when they make a decision. The base models of both brands have a similar starting price tag of around $47,000. However, the Mercedes Benz ML 2014 is a little better in fuel consumption with a rating of 13/28 mpg. Q7 only manages 16/28 mpg. It is not a big difference but for the people that do most of the driving in the city, it does count.

M 93 [CC-BY-SA-3.0-de], via Wikimedia Commons

Main Selling Points of The 2014 Mercedes Benz ML

We have 5 trim levels and we are faced with double MSRP as we move from entry level to the top ML63 AMG model. We basically have something for all budgets and driving styles. The base engine is 3.5 litre V6. It is pretty good but you can easily go for the diesel alternative since it is very good. Also, both V8 options are very fun to drive.

When referring to seating, we only have room for 5 but there are 71 cubic feet for cargo space if the seats are down. Both the exterior and interior design are elegant and COMAND is very easy to use.

By Bull-Doser (Own work.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Main Selling Points Of The 2014 Audi Q7

We do not have a trim that can rival the Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG but there is enough power to compete when looking at other levels. The performance is very good and we do not actually need a V8 engine.

Audi Q7 2014 includes 2 extra seats. However, the extra passengers row is a little cramped. We have a little more cargo space by 1.5 cubic feet. Interior elegance is high and the controls are intuitive, properly placed.

Mercedes Benz ML 2014 VS Audi Q7 2014

Mercedes Benz ML 2014 comes to the table with many different prices and options. It will feel a little overwhelming when you talk to the dealer but that is something that is always great. However, Q7 gives you access to more space for passengers and that is important for SUVs. On the whole, ML is larger and the cargo space for the Q7 could have been higher. Base models for ML are not as good as those for Q7. However, expensive ML models are better. Q7 also won us over with the exterior and interior designs.

The verdict is quite simple for us. Although some people will think differently, the Audi Q7 2014 is our choice out of these two since we have to think about the people that have normal SUV budgets. That is why we have to give the edge to Audi.