The all new Mercedes GLA has laser movie projectors for headlights

Currently impressing everyone at the Shanghai motor show is the all new Mercedes GLA concept, which features some pretty nice laser movie projectors that are fully integrated into its headlights. Not only that, but this new car also features Go-Pro style cameras which can be removed as per the driver’s preferences. So what is up with this new model? Well, Mercedes introduced it in order to create a stir amongst buyers and because it also previews the upcoming production version of the GLA. In order to get a better idea where this small USV fits in, individuals should imagine a combination between the MINI Countryman, Audi Q3, and BMW X1.

However, an even more interesting question is if those interesting laser beam eyes will make it into production and if yes, what is their actual use? Well, from a functional point of view, the projectors in the headlamps will image content from the car’s infotainment system. On top of that, Mercedes also reckons that the projectors may be used as an extension of the head-up display.


Mercedes GLA
By bodsi under CC BY-ND 2.0

The Mercedes GLA Function or form?

This Mercedes concept SUV comes with full range of a 4×4 accessories. Navigation cues can be easily projected by the system in the form of arrows onto the road ahead, providing an indication to other road users of where the vehicle is heading, but also providing guidance to the driver. For some though, this might sound like a little farfetched, so they don’t really see it being implemented into the production of the GLA anytime soon.

A more realistic expectation though would be to have the cameras housed in the roof rails. With these amazing camera up there, drivers will find it very simple to capture high quality video and three dimensional stills. On top of that, the cameras may also be removed if people want, so they can attach them to something else, like a motorcycle or a bicycle.

Due to the fact that videoing car driving action is becoming more and more popular and the fact that it can still be fiddly to install a GoPro Hero 3 camera, it would be quite interesting to actually see a fully integrated camera option with the GLA. However, Mercedes has not announced anything about this and it seems that soon the final version of the GLA will be up for sale in the United Kingdom for around 25K pounds.


Mercedes GLA
By bodsi under CC BY-ND 2.0


What is rather interesting is the fact that the LED\laser headlights offer a “coming home” function as well, so they will pulsate with a blue light in order to show the driver that the car is ready for its driver. Taking a look at the inside of the vehicle, there are over sixty five hand stitched seams for the wrapping around the seats, dark galvanized aluminum trim and leather.

With that being said, the GLA looks like it’s going to be a pretty interesting car given its amazing features, but also modern and somewhat futuristic design in certain aspects. Using the latest technology in car manufacturing, the Mercedes GLA will certainly attract a lot of fans in its web, showing them a new side of driving no other vehicle on the market can currently offer.

By Matt Milstead