Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator Review

The Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator is the manufacturer’s attempt to focus on urban utility, as opposed to the reputation it has for SUVs with great offroading capability. With this in mind, Urban Navigator offer 2 wheel drive and just as the name implies, satellite navigation is included as a standard equipment, together with climate control and standard automatic transmission for $29,990 as a starting price.

Engine And Driving

Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator 02

The Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator has rear-wheel drive and there is thus no wheelspin when you quickly move away from the traffic. However, this does not mean you get that rear-wheel-drive experience you know.

The engine is a petrol one 2.4 litre 4 cylinder, the same one you see in Grand Vitara Sport and Suzuki Prestige. It offers an average torque for the car class. Keep in mind that the price is lower than with much slower engines in an entry-level model. This includes Mazda CS-5 and Honda CR-V.

You should know that the Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator is the only SUV with a 4 speed automatic transmission in this class. The weight is 44 kg less than the Sport version so we have better performance when comparing with models that are offroad-oriented. Fuel consumption is a little high and the driving experience will not be as great as you may expect, with a steering system that is slow. Suzuki’s model is not as dynamic as you may want it to be.


Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator interior

You will like the fact that seat comfort is high. You have quite competitive legroom for the class. The headroom is limited and there are no rear seat air vents. The space offered for cargo is class average, going up to 758 liters when rear seats are flipped up against front seats.

You will not like the side-opening rear barn door since it is heavy. Driving position will be fine, besides steering wheel just adjusting down and up, not out and in. The included color touchscreen is very easy to use.

There is a strong possibility you will not like the interior of the cabin since you see a lot of basic cloth and hard plastic. The price is quite competitive when analyzing the other models in the class though.


Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator

Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban Navigator is available at a lower price tag with three doors and at a higher price if you want diesel engine and all-wheel-drive. However, the model you want is the medium one. It does not have the Suzuki classical offroad capability while most rivals do offer greater polish in some key areas. Grant Vitara is obviously decent with impressive standard and a proper reliability. It is a great SUV for many.