The Wonderful Range Rover 2022

The Range Rover 2022 is definitely a flagship among SUVs for off-road purposes. It features a newfound dynamic flair, a new structure, and brand new technology. The metalwork changes might not seem like much but when you directly compare the new model with the old one, it is clear we are looking at something better.

The SUV is less cluttered and smoother than what we saw before and we are talking about a brand new platform that is simply filled with new powertrains, software, and hardware.

We will only see the full electric version in 2024. However, there is a mild-hybrid available with both diesel and petrol variations. The official statistic is that, when in electric-only mode, the range will be 70 miles.

Still A Heavy SUV

It was expected that the 2022 Range Rover will have a lighter version but we do have a sturdy SUV, with the D350 version weighing a little over 2.5 tons. The body structure is actually 35% stiffer and there is a very good electronic system for anti-roll control installed. The torque you can expect is around 1000 lbs per ft and there is even a brand new rear suspension structured as five-link.

What should be mentioned is that most Range Rovers are not that enjoyable to drive but the L460 is simply effortless. This is true even when at higher speed. Visibility is very good and the steering is very enjoyable. It is not too heavy or too light, so you can expect some precision. The control of the body roll is very good, especially when using the Dynamic mode. While the cornering is not as you would expect from a high performance SUV, it is still very enjoyable.

Basically, we are talking about a rather large SUV that is surprisingly easy to handle when in an urban setting. The wheelbase may have been shortened but that will have no impact on how much you enjoy the drive.

Comfort Versus Dynamism

With what was mentioned above, it is very easy to believe the Range Rover 2022 favors dynamism and comfort is low. This is not the case. The SUV will act very well in corners because of the advancements made in systems, engineering, and the materials used during construction. We do see more comfort and better handling.

What About The Competition?

When thinking about the competition of the Range Rover 2022, we have to think about Bentley. And the interior is what many think about. With the Range Rover, we are talking about a pretty big upgrade from the last version. Basically, we see better paints, individualization, finishes, and detailing. However, the style is quite different than what we see from Bentley.

We do see more restrained aesthetics, although they are welcoming since there is a lot of space and light available, together with well-chosen materials.

Range Rover 2022 offers several seating options, with the core being of 5 seats. But, if you go for the longer wheelbase, you can choose out of the two-row option and the 3-row option. And in the short wheelbase you still have enough rear space available. Luxury can be added with reclining rear seats and electrically sliding seats.

What About The Engine?

Specialists will tell you that the best engine option for the Range Rover 2022 is the mild-hybrid six D350 diesel. But, the P530, which is sourced from BMW, a twin-turbo V8, should also be considered.

The D350 engine has 516 lb ft torque and 345 bhp. If you want to go for something more cost-effective, this is a great option, even if the popularity of diesel engines is currently going down.

We should also mention that all the engines will use eight-speed auto and offer a faultless system. With the 4WD option, you can expect great performance while off-roading and when on the roads.

What About Off-Roading?

To go into off-road mode you just need to use the infotainment system and your air suspensions will get better ground clearance. Then, the Terrain Response 2 software will help you deal with all hostile surfaces you choose to drive the SUV over.

On the whole, the Range Rover 2022 is very good when in an off-roading setting. So, you should not worry that the new SUV does not offer what you expect from it.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, the Range Rover 2022 is easy on your eyes, rewarding when you drive it, and quite capable. It is quieter, more practical, and roomier than the 2021 option. We can say that the Cayenne and the Bentayga do handle better. However, we are looking at an incredibly comfortable option and a Range Rover that is well-rounded, a brand new benchmark for luxury SUVs.