Tips on Buying Insurance for Sport Utility Vehicles

If you own or are planning to purchase an SUV, are you aware that the insurance premiums for an SUV are costlier than those for other vehicles? Take a moment to read on and learn a bit more about insuring your sport utility vehicle.


sport utility vehicles
By Bryan Chan under CC BY 2.0


Why Higher Insurance?

• SUVs are great vehicles to own, and their increased size is mighty handy when you need additional space and power. That size, though, comes at a cost. You will be paying more for insurance to cover your SUV, sometimes as much as 10-20% more.

• Another reason that sport utility vehicles cost more to insure is due to the fact that they are top heavy and can be harder to control when evasive actions need to be taken. The vehicle is made taller to provide more space for cargo and people, but the width of an SUV is about the same as that of a standard auto. Because of this fact, a sport utility vehicle can roll over more easily in an accident. As a result, it will cost more to insure.

• An SUV is usually more costly to repair. The same applies to trucks. Depending on the features that your SUV may have, it can be expensive when various items need to be fixed, such as 4-wheel drive.

• A final reason that SUVs as well as trucks are more expensive to insure is because they are often the choice of thieves. Vehicles that are targeted for theft frequently will carry higher insurance premiums.

Tips for Acquiring Lower SUV Insurance

• When you are insuring an SUV, you need to check out a number of insurance companies to see which ones can give you the best prices for coverage pertaining to your vehicle. You would normally shop around for insurance regardless of the type of vehicle you own in order to get the best price, but it is especially important when you are looking for coverage for a sport utility vehicle. Not all insurance companies will give you the same rates, and research using a comparison site can uncover those insurance carriers that will offer the most affordable premiums.