Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 Turbo gasoline 4Motion, the car dynamics with the asphalt

The double-drive vans are compact fashion by many factors:

– a different style,

– they increase the perception of safety among others when passing over the rickety roads,

– they have a high driving position,

– can move across the country without thinking about how much time is going to be as when traveling by car…


Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0
By Petr Magera under CC BY 2.0


All used SUVs platforms of this size form a uni-body car to make them lighter with a better use of the space inside. It achieves binominal efficiency of the dynamic and good riding comfort. In this case, the Tiguan Volkswagen Golf in the test, consume less fuel than a body mounted on chassis type ”Jeep” or stringers. The Tiguan I tested is an excellent example of the ”new” category of compact pickups. Very quick for the engine 2 liters gasoline direct injection pressure from a turbo, through which produces 200 horsepower.

On the road, press the accelerator and in a moment the Tiguan will get ahead the vehicle in front. We went through a paved road which irregular holes. It absorbs them in the right measure and shows how well will the chassis be. While the brakes with their consistency and pedal travel, increase confidence.

The 6-cylinder engine and more than 2 liters capacity… You can understand it by the amount and quality of sound delivered. But there is a total absence of vibration when demand for the upper area of ​​the revolutions. It’s simple: it’s almost 4-cylinder engine and is more refined of all cars tested so far.

There are several reasons to highlight their performance in terms of acceleration. For example, we can compare it to the legendary Golf GTI with manual gearbox 6 that weighs about 150 kilos less. The Tiguan accelerates from 0-100 (100 rolls per hour is 27 meters per second), just 0.8 seconds later than the Golf. Already at 160 -44 meters per second, nearly half a block, it remains important 3.4 seconds behind. This means obviously less successful aerodynamics and acceleration subtraction.

It delivers notoriously power from 2500 rpm. And progressive but more linear passes of the 6000 without drowning and safely! It is Interesting, that the tachometer’s red zone begins at 6000 where it changes from first to second. But 6400 will be second and third in the sport of their 6-speed automatic Tiptronic changes. While driving, run in normal mode with little throttle, change gear at 2200 rpm. This is helping for the economy and prolongs engine life.

For off-road on rough terrain, the steel rear sub-frame is very strong. The corresponding damper hosts more oil and your work is as constant as possible in these extreme conditions. No cavitation occurs when filled cavities are formed while the oil gas is in motion. Circulate little adherent soils through the 4-Motion All-Wheel Drive that is automatically activated.

Welcome muddy roads or uncovered with loose stones, gravel or sand, hopefully inclined … The schema-independent suspensions on all 4 corners, rear with 4 joints it shares with its brother the Passat 4-Motion tuning. The damper is very successful when you want the best of both worlds: just not too soft, not too hard. The management is perceived as any compact car for cruising with little inclination and no swings. This encourages those who like walking at a good pace since the perception of safety increases.

The generous 235mm rubber wheels that are 17 inches in diameter are an important part of the grip. The consistency in each of their controls from the opening of the door, accompanies stiffness in the cabin. It barely circulates and passes over any imperfections. This reminds us that we are driving a Volkswagen.

The driving seat controls are intuitive and uncomplicated doing highlight the functionality and ergonomics. There is a simple connection of Bluetooth – wireless phone to call the commands on the steering wheel driving. It is a thousand times easier than other complicated systems. The central touch screen let us see the action not only on the phone but the audio as well. It commands the Climate control ”2” Climatronic zones and all connectivity. The display is easy to be used – the touch of the function in a second. It allows you to continue with the next step. The driving position is a good surprise: the wheel tends to be up in the front and not as in automobiles.

The unit tested is version with additional feature called Sport & Style. Among the other things it is not only generous in ”gadget” systems or common elements. It brings something out of the top category – larger trucks as its sister or the Mercedes ML Touareg, thanks to the rear side airbags.

Another function that detects driver fatigue and alertness to stop to rest is a novelty in safety for Mercedes Benz launched three years ago in Class E. There are many parameters which it can detect. This includes when a driver is falling asleep. It alerts the driver when it is time to stop for a cup of coffee.

The Tiguan surprises by its good manners, speaking about security. It is a compact SUV (4.42 meters long, with 1.66 total heights) of a dynamic which would be expected in terms of stability. It is less prominent than a car of its size. It has an effective green warning which alerts us to press the brake pedal, before leaving the parking P. It protects the mechanics, not to hit something, prevents rolling or run over a living.

Why yes to the Tiguan? For overall presentation, its line is discreet and elegant. For its strength, by the look of the interior materials, its dynamic (engine, suspension, speed of the box when ordering less change quickly), and equipment that is at the top not only in comfort and active and passive safety:

-An excellent panoramic ”sunroof lights” from all positions. They call it ”Sky roof”.

-Pack with 4 electric windows, one touch in both directions, with a pinch.

-Electric Handbrake.

– Good oil temperature gauge begins to show on the display from 50 degrees Celsius in 2 minutes after being stopped.

– Scout, with rear fog light.

-The 8 airbags (true commented at the beginning).

– Seats in alcantara and fabric.

-Rudder adjustable in height and depth.

-Secure ISOFIX child seats.

– Air conditioning bi-zone.

– Touch screen center which controls the sound, and displayed positions climate control, Bluetooth functions, etc.

-Stability and Traction Control.

– Wheel drive.

– Auto HOLD-system that sustains in the inclinations while speeding to boot.

– Ignition button after entering only the pilot touching the handle.

-Controls on the steering wheel to the radio, onboard computer and Bluetooth.

-Controls of voice command start button from the helm, for air – heating, telephone, and stereo.

-Monitoring air pressure in the wheels. Generally the warning flashes when the pressure falls at about 25%.

-Wheels 17 ”New Orleans”.

-Rudder and gearshift knob in leather.

– MP3-CD Radio with 8 speakers, 6-CD charger, auxiliary input and USB port.

-ABS Brakes.

It’s not easy to find as many attributes in a single vehicle but the Tiguan shows how close you can be to achieve compliance. Volkswagen has an important and prominent player in the segment, as expressed by the figures in the world: more than 600,000 units sold in nearly four years since its launch, speak highly of its benefits.