2014 Toyota Highlander LE AWD Review

The Toyota Highlander is now in its third generation. The 2014 Toyota Highlander is now completely redesigned. The manufacturer declared that the exterior is sleeker and stronger and the engineers modified the gravity center, increasing stability.

There are 4 trims that are available. LE is the base one. We also have 3 hybrid versions. Both hybrids and regular engines include 3.5 liter V6 engines.

We will now talk a little about the Toyota Highlander 2014 LE AWD, with a MSRP price of $34,000.


2014 Toyota Highlander LE AWD 3

The new redesigned Toyota 2014 Highlander LE AWD is definitely stylish. It looks great, especially when referring to the brand new grille included. The front end of the SUV is obviously more masculine.

It is great to mention that the interior is also really interesting, attractive and stylish. You will particularly appreciate the comfort that is offered for the driver. You can pretty much adjust the seat as you see fit.

Engine And Driving

2014 Toyota Highlander LE AWD 2

The V6 engine accelerates really fast. It will offer a suitable response time. The transmission will shift smoothly and the turning circle is exceptional. The SUV is really well connected to the ground. You should be aware of the fact that the driving experience will be a little difficult when referring to a bumpy road.

When driving on the highway, the Toyota Highlander 2014 LE AWD does feel quiet and comfortable. The only real problem you may have is that the rear view mirrors are a little large. That can prove to be a problem for shorter drivers.

On the whole, we can say that the driving experience is really good. You can so easily enjoy yourself when driving the SUV. It is a suitable family car and the response time is definitely really good.


Toyota Highlander LE AWD 2014

To make everything as simple as possible, the Toyota Highlander 2014 LE AWD offers quite a lot of cargo space and passenger space. The package is practically really easy to drive and sleek. It is definitely more efficient when compared with SUVs of a traditional size and the interior is really well laid out. The only real problem is that if you constantly need 8 passenger capacity, you will need ot look at something else.