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Toyota Venza is definitely a vehicle that is unconventional. It cannot be categorized as a crossover or as a wagon, since it lands right in between. We are thus faced with an interesting 2014 Toyota Venza Limited that combines positives from different niches. This SUV enjoyed a refresh in 2013 and the 2014 model is mostly intact. The only added is the power folding side mirror in the XLE model. The waved, stronger grille is brand new and we have a great, functional cavern.

Interior – Exterior

2014 Toyota Venza Limited interior

The Toyota Venza 2014 Limited does look great. The exterior reminds us of a wagon but it is not as high as a taller model. No aesthetic changes exist except the grille mentioned and the fact that we cannot use Cosmic Gray as a paint option anymore. On the inside, everything is great except the fact that the center console is too wide.


2014 Toyota Venza Limited 3

The 2014 Toyota Venza is definitely not a vehicle that is sporty. However, it is also not a slug. We can say that Limited is competent, inspiring and comfortable, with more handling and car-like ride than most of the crossovers on the market.

The Limited 2014 Toyota Venza only comes with just one version option in the 3.5 liter V6, with all wheel drive and front wheel drive. If you want to, you can add Towing Prep Package, which can add to the towing capacity, raising it to 3,500 pounds.


2014 Toyota Venza Limited 2

You get quite a lot of space for 5 adults and much cargo space in the 2014 Toyota Venza Limited. That makes it a perfect fit for many interested SUV shoppers. Exit and entry are very easy, seating is comfortable both in the back and in the front. We have much leg and head room available and on the whole, comfort is as high as you would expect.

The unloading and loading process is quite easy since we have low cargo floor. Rear seats do fold down and the designed storage bins are smart. The only real downside is that there is much plastic that will be in contact with knees, which is not at all great.


2014 Toyota Venza Limited Review

Toyota 2014 Venza Limited has 13 speaker JBL audio system, an upgraded navigation system and LED daytime lights as extras when compared with other trims. The new 2014 available features include rear and front parking sonar and power folding side mirrors.

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