2015 GMC Terrain Review

The 2015 GMC Terrain is not usually covered by SUV blogs and this is definitely a shame as we are talking about one of the best of the affordable compact SUVS you could buy at the moment. Basically all GMC Terrain test drives and published reviews are positive and we do have access to reliability or high quality safety data.

The main selling point is the luxurious cabin but we also have access to spacious legroom in the rear seats and quite decent power in an optional V6 powered engine.


2015 gmc terrain driving

The 2015 GMC Terrain has a standard 4 cylinders engine. It is not that powerful based on reports by automotive critics. It is the optional engine that we mentioned that would be potent in absolutely all possible driving situations.

We have a standard automatic transmission that will shift smoothly and the EPA is estimated at around 22-32 miles per gallon city-highway when looking at the standard engine. This is basically completely on par with the rest of the SUV class. GMC 2015 Terrain is compliant as a ride when looking at rougher roads and will be comfortable for the driver even on a longer trip. The only driving problem is that we do not have handling that is too agile. Steering becomes a little numb due to this.


2015 gmc terrain interior

The interior of the 2015 GMC Terrain is quite hush, with high quality materials being used. Although this SUV is quite similar to the well-known Chevrolet Equinox, the cabin is more premium. You have access to really supportive and comfortable front seats and the included standard rear seats bring in quite enough legroom for rear seats.

When looking at the standard features, you can find what you would expect. This includes Bluetooth, audio system, USB port and a rearview camera. The only real interior problem is the cargo space. You get close to 64 cubic feet if the rear seats are folded. This is not that much when looking at the competition.


2015 GMC Terrain SLE

Some critics argue that the SUV is midsize, not compact crossover. No matter how you see it, the fuel economy is fit and you do have enough room for the passengers. If  you are looking for an SUV that is styled similar to trucks but without the handling of a truck, you may want to consider the 2015 GMC Terrain. You just have to go for the V6 engine option.