2016 Honda Accord Review

The new 2016 Honda Accord definitely has a great SUV to follow with the 2015 version being one that has been dominating many tops in the industry. Accord is seen as one of the best cars in so many categories so the 2016 model has to follow up on excellence.

We definitely see a clear shift towards the crossover SUV market but 2015 Honda Accord does manage to continue going strong as it does have some new features that are definitely interesting. At first glance we just see fascia revisions, new lights and similar design features but it is much more than the look that may draw you towards a purchase. We have revision at were made to the 4 cylinder CVT engine that is a base, changes in the suspensions and structural reinforcements, all promising to offer a better handling.

The Accord Sport

2016 Honda Accord Sport offers great manual transmission and great clutch. Both the Touring and Sport models will ride really well on the 19 inch wheels with chassis changes instantly offering performance upgrades. The 2.4 liter engine offers 189 hp and does sound great while driving, mostly because of active sound amplification and the redline revving up to 6800 rotations per minute.

Design wise, we have a decklid spoiler that is low profile, side sill extensions and dual exhaust. This makes the Sport model actually look sporty, with San Marino Red being a great color for the car. The interior architecture is attractive even if the choice of some of the materials is not that great.

The 2016 Honda Accord EX-L

One of the best engines for this model is the base engine being ramped up to 185 hp. It will pipe up well and even if we have CVT, the power delivered will be really interesting. What is great is the presence of a Sport mode. It does not have a manual ratio selection but it does offer an interesting driving experience that is not expected. When you activate sport mode you gain passing power and engine hesitation is lower.

Inside the car you will feel luxurious. There are not many changes that appear but some small extras like the addition of a 60/40 split in folding rear seats is definitely something that is appreciated. The one big extra appears in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, systems without knobs or buttons. However, if the sun is really strong, you will have problems in viewing from various angles.