2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Review

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery line is highly profitable for JLR in USA and the 2015 model is basically focused on expanding on the strengths of the brand. Discovery Sport is definitely interesting and does have its own character. We have an interesting concept that brings in elegant shape and various great features like textured taillights and highlights.


2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport interior

The interior of the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is definitely the best one in the line so far. We can say that it is a true pleasure to be inside the vehicle. There is plastic that is present on the instrument panel but even that does look great. Seats will always be welcoming and you have good space available in the back for those that are taller. Technology additions are great and you will love everything that is available.

Options And Features

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport  2

If you want access to the best possible version of the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport, you will end up paying more. The base price is not that high but you can add over $15,000 in extra features. You do have access to some packages that you can choose from or you can create your own. As an example, the HSE Luxury Package costs around $8,500 and offers 19 inch wheels, 10 way seats with power setting and Windsor leather, a panoramic roof, xenon headlights and fog lights.


You will definitely love the noise that the engine makes when driving because it is practically non-existent. Wind noise is really low, only present in mirrors and A-pillars. Besides that, the experience will be really interesting. We have access to 240 hp and very good torque, all in a graceful driving.

The only problem you have with driving the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is that the automatic gearbox is not that great when it needs to downshift. This basically means that you may have problems when passing if you want to do it with throttle.


2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

On the whole, the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is a really interesting vehicle that you do want to take into account if you want something strong and with a lot of interior space. Although it may not seem as such, this is definitely a family SUV that you can think about.