2015 Toyota Venza Versus 2015 Toyota RAV 4

Toyota is well-known for the quality of the SUVs that are offered. Both the 2015 Toyota Venza and the 2015 Toyota RAV 4 are great examples of that. It is really important that you choose properly since you may be tempted by both. Let’s take a quick look at the 2 SUVs so that you can choose the one that is the best in your case, based on what you need.


The rear passengers are going to be faced with more room available to stretch in the Toyota Venza as compared to the Toyota RAV4. However, RAV4 is obviously going to be a real hit with the taller drivers because of the front seat passengers. There is always more legroom and head-room available in the RAV4.

Convenience & Cost

toyota rav 4 2015 2

When it comes to driving convenience, both SUVs are basically the same. You will not stop more at a gas station when driving one of them.

We have so many factors that are usually considered when calculating overall SUV costs. As we look at MSRP, the 2015 Toyota Venza will be more expensive when compared to the 2015 Toyota RAV4. The difference will be considerable for many drivers. Destination charges are similar with both SUVs.

Size And Utility

toyota venza 2015

Toyota Venza 2015 is wider. You will find it a little bit tougher to find a really good parking spot and the RAV4 will make it quite easier for you. Many believe that bigger is better with SUVs though so if this is your case, you will be quite happy with what the Venza offers. It is also longer than RAV 4.

 When referring to seating, you will quickly realize that the same number of people can be seated in both SUVs. However, Venza has a smaller available cargo space. This is something that is really important for many individuals.


toyota rav 4 2015

Venza 2015 has higher torque so the SUV will stand out as being a little more effective. On the other hand, turning radius is larger with the Venza. Maneuverability is definitely higher when dealing with higher spots in the Toyota RAV 5 2015. Towing capacity, which is also really important for many SUV drivers, will be higher when looking at the Venza. Horsepower is basically a tie in comparison tests. Also, the warranties are almost the same, which should not be a surprise as we have the same manufacturer.


2105 toyota venza

On the whole, the two are similar but our choice is leaning towards the Toyota Venza 2015. However, some drivers will like RAV4 more.