2017 Lexus RX Preview

The highly awaited 2017 Lexus RX is really close to completion. The car will receive a really strong makeover with a redesign that is quite interesting. We are faced with an SUV that is to be a lot more competitive and that should do really well with the competition.

Design stands out as one of the most important factors that were taken into account. The main purpose is to have something that is fashionable and that will be attractive for buyers. At the same time, it is great to notice that performance will not be affected in a negative way. 350 and 450 will come back as models and 350 F Lexus RX Sport 2016 may be a possibility.


The focus with the exterior design is to opt for evolution. We will have a car that will be lighter and that automatically becomes better in terms of performance. Everything is quite contemporary like using lightweight materials, with carbon fiber and aluminum being preferred. While there is a clear focus put on offering increased interior comfort, it is great to see that the exterior is not neglected. The design is always futuristic. You might hate or love the headlights and the grille but you will surely be intrigued.


2017 Lexus RX will have various inside changes that should be taken into account. All the modern SUVs focus on interiors and this one will surely be modern. We see dimension changes that will offer more interior space for the passengers so we can clearly state that comfort is bound to be higher. According to some industry insight, it is possible that there will be a third row of seats addition. This is not confirmed.

Reports highlight that the steering wheel is receiving an update. Handling is sure to be better and the steering capabilities will be updated. A new steering wheel with a better design will make driving easier. The digitized system is going to include a new LCD display and a new audio system. Lexus RX will have adjustable front seats and some materials for the seats that will increase comfort.


The performance features that will be included will surely be interesting. We have speculations at the moment when looking at the engine. Various really powerful options are now possible. One that is believed to be the preferred is a V8 3.5 liters petrol engine. The transmissions will surely point towards 8 speed systems with automatic gear changes.

Release Dates

There is no official release date for the 2017 Lexus RX. However, we will see the SUV almost surely this year, near the end. An estimated cost will be of $42,000. This makes it quite cheap when looking at competitors like BMW X3 and the popular GLC from Mercedes-Benz.