Nissan Murano vs Honda Pilot

Whenever crossover sport utility cars come to mind, we immediately think of certain manufacturers that have done a great job in this area by bringing innovative features in several models of new cars developed by them. Nissan and Honda are definitely on the list of most sports car fans because these two have always managed to close the ranks on high positions every year.

Today we have considered an interesting comparison of t two of the latest products presented to us by these popular manufacturers: Nissan Murano and Honda Pilot. Let’s see what might bring these two cars together or further apart in terms of technical features and overall design.

Interesting Similarities and Changes

Nissan Murano and Honda Pilot are quite similar when you take a first look at them. Their greatest common feature is that these two are both great cars to purchase and drive on the long-run.

The greatest news from Honda this year was all about the redesign of their Pilot model. The hard and really boxy edges we once knew in its case will be gone. The new model is now predicted to boost a great, stylish and sleek look that will make car fans fall in love with it instantly. It will definitely attract a wider audience with its new, refined look.

The only downside in this case is that the new look will not necessarily distinguish this model from other available SUVs because it does not come with anything that has not been already seen. However, in comparison to earlier versions of the same car, the changes will mean a lot.

In what concerns Nissan Murano, it should be said right from the beginning that it announces itself to be a lot more silent than previous versions and that it will feature added comfort for the passengers. A new smooth driving experience will be ensured his way. In terms of design, this car continues its well-establish stylish legacy of high-class appearance.

Performance Check

In terms of performance, we can say that Nissan Murano has the ability to offer a refined and comfortable ride experience that not too many cars will be able to overcome. Its overall setup seems perfect starting from its front struts up to its rear suspension.

All these have been developed to smooth out any road bumps or encountered jars. All this is perfectly completed with a high-end steering setup that launches this car way up on top of the preferences. Its power is enabled by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that is capable of delivering a really enhanced 260 horsepower through CVT.

Honda Pilot comes equipped with a similar V6 engine that features a 3.5-liter capacity. However, the difference in its case is that it focuses a lot more on power than the overall smoothness of the ride experience. It also delivers more in terms of horsepower reaching a 280 limit. It features a trim level type of transmission yet lacks the continuously variable transmission found in Nissan Murano.

All in all, both cars are really great. Nissan Murano is the best choice for those who want a strong car but focus more on the ride experience. Honda Pilot on the other had is all up taking power to the next level. It is all about user preference in the end.