2020 Jaguar I-Pace Review

Jaguar launching an all-electric SUV is definitely a very bold move, with the I-Pace being compared to the Tesla as it might rival its EV dominance. While that only time will tell, it is clear that the I-Pace is just the first of the EVs launched by mainstream manufacturers.


The big pluses for the 2020 Jaguar I-Pace are:

  • Strong acceleration
  • Beautiful exterior design
  • Big boot space
  • Beautiful interior space

The main points against the SUV are:

  • Expensive
  • Not that great of an infotainment system

In the I-Pace, there are 2 concentric electric motors. They offer 4WD and produce 394 bhp through a gearbox with a single speed. The battery used is 90 kWh, which is good for a claimed 298 miles range, although this might be less than reality.

In the SUV you get to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and the top speed is 124 miles per hour. You need to wait 10 hours for an 80% charge with the regular home charger. However, if you find a good 100kW DC supply, charging is ready in 45 minutes.

The 2020 I-Pace looks great, with 20-inch wheels. You can also opt for 22s and 18s. What steals the show is the interesting combination of proportions, with a stubbed nose and front wheels that seem to go forward and a squared-off rear end template.


With the 2020 Jaguar I-Pace, speed is not a problem. You have impeccable refinement as you reach motorway speed but there is no real individuality. Driving is similar to all the electric vehicles.

This is an SUV that weighs 2.1 tons so you might think you have to deal with sloppiness but the centre of gravity is 130 mm lower than the Jaguar F-Pace. You will feel weight transfer but not in a way that will damage you.

On the whole, the Jaguar I-Pace did really well. You have silent progress so you cannot complain if you are a rambler and the ride is definitely supple. Pot-holed sections will not be a problem. The truth is the only problem with driving is when faced with obstacles and bumps. The throttle will need to be used more in such situations so you might be faced with a jerky reaction from the car. Even so, this does not mean the I-Pace cannot go well off-road.


The interior of the Jaguar 2020 I-Pace is not as futuristic as the Tesla but you do get to see a large screen, 3 displays and physical buttons. The Recaro seats are putting you in a perfect driving position and it is a certainty that you will feel comfortable inside the SUV.

The infotainment system added under-delivers and over-promises. You do not use an interface that is intuitive. For that you would need a Tesla Model 3. There is a pretty good possibility you will use a satnav on the phone instead of the infotainment.

Owning The SUV

It is quite obvious that the 2020 Jaguar I-Pace is friendly towards the environment. However, charging is something that does mean you need to properly plan trips based on that. The infrastructure in the US is not really ready to help with the power needed for owners. Most chargers are 7Kw and there are not enough DC 50 Kw or 100 Kw options. However, if you do not need to drive over 200 miles in one trip, this is not something to worry about.

Basically, the ownership problem with this SUV is the same one all EV owners understand. At the same time, the initial investment to buy the I-Pace is more than most people can actually afford, especially when referring to the full version.


The 2020 Jaguar I-Pace is not an SUV for every single person. However, it is bold and marks the first attempt manufacturers have to compete with Tesla. The SUV is not cheap and is at premium level. The good news is that this electric car is one that you do want to own.

Range anxiety will be a thing in the near future but eventually, you can get used to that. Acceleration is very good and handling is tight. Simply put, the overall performance is what you would expect.