2021 BMW i4 Preview

BMW seems to finally update the “I” family of its electrified vehicles. The car maker released new details about the 2021 BMW i4, which will be a pure EV sedan that should reach dealerships around the world in the year 2021. This move marks the i4 joining the i3 and the iX3, which will be released in the future. The official goal of BMW is to launch 12 electrical vehicles by the year 2025.

The 2021 MBW i4 will use BMW’s eDrive powertrain but upgraded to the fifth generation. This is a modular system that will be debuted in the iX3 and will be added to the iNext. With the i4, the driver will get access to 530 hp. The battery pack will own around 1,200 pounds and will be 80 kWh. According to BWM, the range of the SUV will be around 370 miles, with a 4 seconds 0 to 60 miles per hour and a top speed that will be of over 124 miles per hour.

Fast Recharge

The recharging methodology used by BMW is being standardized across the PHEV and EV models. The new system that will be available will have a 150 kW charging capacity. This means that the 80 kWh battery pack inside the 2021 BMW i4 can be recharged in 35 up to 80%. A short 60 minute recharge can add a range of 62 miles.


We do not know too much about the actual design of the 2021 BMW i4 but it is expected that the size will be around the same as the 4 Series Gran Coupe. The i8 sports car surfacing is avoided, which is a good thing since it is highly controversial. The i3 compact’s weird detailing is also not visible.

Production for the 2021 BMW i4 will start in 2021, with the iX3 hitting the market in 2020. iNext and i4 will follow iX3.