7 Tips When Selling Your SUV

So you’re trying to sell your SUV but don’t want to end up with a terrible deal, here’s 7 things you need to know before you sell your car.


Toyota Highlander
Via Flickr under CC BY 2.0


1.This tip won’t help with your current car but may help in the future – check out SUV brands with high resale value, Land Rovers along with Toyota’s FJ Cruisers and Highlanders are some of the best at holding their price.

2.If you have the time and effort then sell your SUV privately. In a survey of auto journalists over 80% said selling your car privately was the best method if you want to get the most money back.

3.If you still have finance on your SUV, that doesn’t stop you from selling it or trading it in… but remember that potential buyers can run checks to see if there are outstanding payments, so make sure you let them know before advertising or trying to sell the vehicle.

4.Pimp that ride – Any accessories that come with the car like a roof rack or fancy tyres, leave them on! It might worsen the fuel efficiency to have that added weight, but the added value will signal to potential buyers that they’re getting a good deal.

5.Don’t use ‘ca$h 4 cars’ companies. You’ve probably seen their ads offering you a quick buck for your SUV, but they make money by selling your car onto the same used car dealer that you could go to direct, and the margins come straight out of your pocket. Sell your SUV privately or negotiate best you can with a dealer.

6.Wait for winter… if you can hold off, the same way hats and scarves fly off the shelves when the weather drops, larger vehicles like an SUV also become more popular as people battle with snow, ice and difficult road conditions.

7.SUVs may have ‘utility’ in their name, but they’re not always the most reliable when it comes to breaking down or needing repairs. Their size and the fact that a lot of SUV drivers may think the cars can handle more than they can. This means that if your SUV has a full service record or a generous warranty from the manufacturer then it will grab the attention of potential buyers. Make sure you include this as a major selling point.


A lot of the good advice about selling any used car can be applied to SUVs, but by knowing the specifics of the SUV market your chances of getting a great deal are far improved. The most important word is always: research.