Acura SUVs Provide the Capability That Families Demand

Acura SUVs provide the ability that families require. From transporting kids to soccer games and gymnastics meets to taking their pup for walks – Acura SUVs have you covered for everything that your family requires of them.

In 2024, drivers searching for an exceptional luxury three-row SUV should opt for the MDX’s spacious cabin and sporty handling as the top option. Meanwhile, its two-row counterpart is better suited to seating five.


Modern luxury SUVs such as the Acura MDX offer impressive performance capabilities, spacious interior amenities, advanced driver-assistance features and superior safety ratings, making it one of the most desirable models on the market today.

Though they boast high-end reputations, these SUVs remain extremely cost-effective compared to similar models. This is especially true if you select one of the higher-end trims. If you’re shopping for an affordable luxury SUV option then the 2024 Acura MDX may be perfect – featuring plenty of comfort, convenience, and technological features for you and your family to enjoy!

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Acura MDXs start at $49,850 for their well-equipped base models. These come standard with synthetic leather upholstery and panoramic sunroof. You can further personalize your MDX by adding various packages or options – such as navigation with dual screen infotainment system; A-Spec package adds head-up display; while Type S upgrades provide 355 horsepower engine power as well as adaptive air suspension system – but these may cost additional.

The MDX’s quiet ride, absorbent feel and excellent fuel economy ratings make it an ideal vehicle for long road trips. In addition, its second row can fold flat at the push of a button to accommodate more passengers. Acura further improved its competitive edge within the luxury SUV segment by including AcuraWatch driver-assistance features and offering hybrid models in 2017.

The Acura RDX and MDX both come equipped with All Wheel Drive for optimal off-road driving performance, and feature torque vectoring control to evenly distribute power to different wheels when necessary. This helps them tackle challenging terrain without compromising speed or stability – ideal for climbing hills and traversing rough roads without difficulty.

Standard Features

Honda Acura provides an outstanding lineup of luxury SUVs that is highly recommended. Their 2024 MDX in particular is widely renowned, due to its satisfying combination of style, roominess and value – which has made it one of the most acclaimed three-row luxury SUVs on the market. Furthermore, its fun-to-drive nature, advanced safety ratings, and impressive versatility make it an excellent choice for active families.

Whoever’s drawn to the more athletic 2023 RDX should seek models equipped with A-Spec package, making this SUV even more appealing to drivers with an eye for performance. A-Spec provides unique visual elements and red accents in its interior design; additionally it allows upgrades to premium audio systems that feature over 25 speakers.

One reason to explore the 2023 Acura MDX and 2024 Acura MDX is their standard technology features, such as a 10.2-inch or 12.3-inch display screen for quick access to important information and smartphone app use, respectively. If you prefer staying connected on the go wireless smartphone integration features allow users to pair mobile phones wirelessly while streaming music are also available.

Acura MDX cars offer the ideal combination of sound quality, navigation system and cabin intercom system to deliver entertainment for commutes, road trips and other leisure activities. Their navigation system will take you directly to restaurants or points of interest while their cabin intercom system enables conversations among passengers or allows a parent to issue directives to their children during long trips.

Both the 2023 RDX and 2024 MDX come equipped with all-wheel drive to allow you to confidently traverse any terrain, while the latter also boasts the innovative SH-AWD system which improves handling while upping maximum towing capacity up to 5,000 pounds.

Both the RDX and MDX offer comfortable seating for seven, as well as versatile cargo space. Both vehicles feature enough legroom in the second row to accommodate taller individuals; with only the latter’s second-row seats not folding flat limiting how much cargo can be stored inside.


Acura SUVs are not only designed to deliver excitement and adventure on the road, but they’re also equipped with cutting-edge technology. The RDX features remote start capabilities and blind spot monitoring while the MDX comes standard with multi-view rear cameras and navigation systems – plus their ELS studio-level audio systems are tailored by eight-time Grammy(r) winner Elliot Scheiner for optimal sound.

The MDX features an efficient drivetrain and advanced safety systems such as its collision mitigation braking system. This feature will automatically brake when it detects frontal obstacles, steering to correct trajectory if necessary – an invaluable asset that could save drivers money in accidents caused by distracted driving.

Drivers will appreciate the MDX’s superior handling and road comfort, thanks to its Super Handling All-Wheel Drive that allows it to nimbly maneuver tight corners while its refined ride quality impresses on long highway drives. An ultra-rigid body features the first double wishbone front suspension ever installed in an SUV, while an efficient drivetrain enhances fuel economy ratings while decreasing engine noise levels.

The 2024 model year brings numerous upgrades to the MDX. To start off, it now features an easier user experience thanks to its touchpad-controlled infotainment display that replaces traditional buttons with touchpad controls and uses haptic feedback on touchscreen controls. Furthermore, an acoustic PVB-layered windshield and acoustic glass are utilized as noise reduction techniques; additionally a front fender liner and triple sealed door openings further help cut interior noise levels.

The MDX offers cutting-edge driver assistance technologies with its Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Jam Assist systems. The latter allows drivers to set their maximum speed and following distance, and then Traffic Jam Assist will accelerate or decelerate accordingly to maintain it. Furthermore, its Advanced Package adds a Lane Keeping Assist system and Surround View Cameras that give more visibility during trips, as well as improved LED illumination for low light conditions.


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Acura Has an Impressive Model Line-Up

Davie and Miami residents now have access to an impressive lineup of luxury SUVs from Acura in Davie and Miami. Choose between their compact RDX for everyday commuting or three-row MDX with room for the whole family; both come fully loaded with top technology features for safety.

Acura SUVs offer outstanding fuel economy ratings compared to similar models from other manufacturers, featuring hybrid and turbocharged engines for maximum power with low fuel costs. Take advantage of some excellent lease offers on these Acura models to add even greater value!

Are You a Recent Graduate? The Acura College Grad Program Offers Extra Savings! – If so, this incentive could give you additional savings with its $500 towards capital reduction/down payment of your new SUV while deferring your first monthly payment for up to 90 days!

Beyond these incentives, Acura SUVs provide numerous finance and leasing offers. Take advantage of an APR deal which reduces interest rate to make payments more manageable; or opt for exclusive warranty coverage that covers repairs and maintenance for its entire lifetime.

Acura SUVs provide many long-term advantages, from peace of mind behind the wheel and excellent quality, to exceptional resale value and easy maintenance costs. Come experience one of these incredible rides today by visiting our dealership!