Advantages Of Buying A Compact SUV

The compact SUV (also referred to as crossover SUV) is basically a vehicle that combines design features and elements from full-sized SUVs and regular cars. It practically appeared to accommodate people that wanted just a little bite more than a simple car but do not want something as large as the regular SUV.

The compact SUV is beneficial in many more ways than you might think. This is why you should be aware of the following advantages of buying such a vehicle.

Improved Gas Mileage

The full-sized SUV certainly has some clear advantages. It is very comfortable and roomy. The seating positioning is higher so you can easily see the surroundings. Heavy loads can be towed and when off-road conditions are tough, you can still easily command the vehicle. The problem is that because the SUV is heavy, more fuel is needed when traveling.

Gas prices are high so the full-sized SUV becomes difficult to afford. For many families that bought such a vehicle in the past, it is now a burdensome to own it.

With the compact SUV, you still get a lot of extra room and the ride is comfortable. At the same time, the vehicle is smaller and lighter. This means that less fuel is utilized when running.

Handling Like A Car

While there are differences between the luxury compact SUVs like the 2019 Jaguar iPace and others that are more affordable, handling is always better than the regular car. The design of a regular SUV is body-on-frame. This means the body and the frame are separate components. It is easy for the vehicle’s frame to slightly twist as you drive. This gives you access to better handling.

With the compact SUV features the classic unibody design. The frame and the body are one component, making the vehicle resistant to flexing as you take a turn. Handling becomes much similar to what you would experience when you drive a regular car.

It should be added that most of the compact SUVs on the market now feature AWD. They offer better road handling if the weather is poor than what you get from most cars, so handling in most cases is similar to that of a car but better with the compact SUV.

Increased Safety

Cars are small and zippy when compared to the compact SUV. However, safety is not as high. This is mainly because of energy transfer. When two vehicles collide, the one that is heavier transfers energy to the one that is lighter. In the even that an SUV and a car collide, the SUV’s occupants are around 7 times more likely to escape without being harmed.

Whenever looking at safety, the compact SUV offers some of the best features you find in SUVs and in cars. The vehicle is heavier than most regular cars so the safety you enjoy is higher for collisions. The unibody design mentioned increases the possibility of survival during frontal impact, which actually makes the compact SUV safer than some of the full-sized SUVs.

A Better View

We are not talking about viewing the landscape but viewing the road. A compact SUV’s design allows the driver to see the road much better than what happens inside the car. Compared to the sedan, the driver is positioned with the hips further from the ground. This higher seating position is one of the main reasons why the compact SUV became so popular.

Improved Passenger Room

Regular compact SUVs are larger than most cars. This offers more storage space so that more cargo is carried when you go on a drive. Passengers get extra room, usually around 7.5 more cubic feet of available space. This means that 4 to 5 adults can easily enjoy comfort as they seat inside the vehicle and they surely appreciate the extra legroom.

Very Stylish Design

Many car owners appreciated station wagons and minivans in the past. They were not too large when compared to trucks and full-sized vans. At the same time, a lot of space was available for cargo and passengers. The compact SUV gives you access to the same versatility level in a very stylish package.

Compact SUV demand keeps growing. It is quite impossible to deny this given the advantages mentioned above.