Are SUVs Good For New Drivers?

Finding a comfortable and efficient car for new drivers can be challenging. Countless dealerships now offer an incredible selection of sedans and SUVs suitable for beginners. But are SUVs good for new drivers?

In terms of SUVs, the 2023 Hyundai Kona stands out as an affordable offering with agile handling and class-competitive fuel economy. Its boxy yet attractive design appeals to younger shoppers.


Safety should always be the cornerstone of a new driver’s decision when selecting their first car, so SUVs typically provide more safety features than sedans to help keep new drivers secure. They also tend to offer greater power and weight capacity than sedans for easier cornering maneuvering.

SUVs equipped with four-wheel or all-wheel drive may be best suited to new drivers looking for off-roading adventures, as these models can handle dirt or snow more easily than sedans such as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. However, for drivers not interested in taking unconventional routes such as off-roading, sedans such as these might provide better efficiency.

New drivers must also consider visibility. SUVs typically offer higher seating positions that provide unobstructed views of the road ahead. Furthermore, most of them come equipped with modern collision avoidance technologies to help minimize accidents altogether.

The 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander provides outstanding visibility and advanced safety technology features that help keep its driver and passengers safe on the road. Lane departure warning, automatic steering support, and pre-collision system all serve to safeguard them while on the move. Plus it boasts a comfortable interior as well as class-competitive fuel economy for added peace of mind.


As new drivers, they should spend much of their time behind the wheel, so it is important that they feel at ease. Some features to keep in mind when selecting their car are a spacious cabin, lumbar support, and an ergonomic steering wheel; all will help avoid fatigue on long journeys. Also, ensure there is ample elbow room and storage space available.

SUVs tend to offer more storage capacity than sedans, making them an excellent option for new drivers who need to transport gear for adventures. Furthermore, they are easier to drive on steep grades and off-road terrain compared to sedans; plus SUVs boast many safety features that help prevent accidents on the road such as lane keep assist, forward collision warning systems, and rearview cameras that help reduce accidents on the road.

Some SUVs feature large blind spots that make it hard for new drivers to see other vehicles or pedestrians clearly, leading to potentially hazardous situations such as merging into the wrong lane or accidentally striking someone. To reduce such issues, when looking for an SUV it would be beneficial to choose one with smaller body dimensions.


An SUV’s high seating position offers new drivers an enhanced view of the road and is essential in helping them remain aware of their surroundings. This factor is especially essential to novice drivers, whose lack of experience may cause them to lose control or misjudge the distance between themselves and other cars on the road.

Though larger SUVs may seem intimidating to new drivers, smaller models such as the Mitsubishi Outlander offer comfortable rides with great visibility for novice and inexperienced drivers alike. Furthermore, it boasts high safety technology levels as well as class-competitive fuel economy figures.

Honda CR-V SUVs offer ample passenger and cargo space at an economical price point, as well as smooth rides, ample comfort features, and advanced driver aids as standard features.

Toyota RAV 4 SUV is an ideal choice for new drivers due to its comfortable ride, efficient performance, and spacious interior space. Plus, all-wheel drive provides added reassurance and many safety features will appeal to these novice drivers.

Though an SUV’s spaciousness may make hauling heavy cargo simpler, a sedan could be better suited for new drivers who do not require its capacity. Sedans offer improved mileage, easier maneuverability, and smaller dimensions that make parking simple.


SUVs and crossovers have become an increasingly popular options, offering something suitable for almost every taste and preference. One such example is Mazda CX-30‘s stylish yet enjoyable driving experience combined with advanced driver assistance features to assist new drivers avoid accidents and collisions that often arise while learning the ropes. These tools serve as another set of eyes to provide extra safety protection when taking on unfamiliar roads for the first time.

SUVs are more rugged than sedans and can withstand a range of driving conditions. If your teen likes taking family camping trips and road trips, an SUV like the Subaru Forester could be ideal. Equipped with all-wheel drive for handling difficult terrain, its all-terrain capabilities and all-wheel drive capability make this model perfect. Jeep Wrangler is another iconic off-roader that makes an excellent first choice.

Look for dealerships that offer many safe, spacious, and reliable SUV and crossover vehicles that make great first cars for new drivers. Our knowledgeable sales team is on hand to assist in your search for just the right ride – come visit us today and arrange for a test drive! Let us be part of helping you enjoy this newfound freedom – be it an SUV or sedan we look forward to helping celebrate it together!