AUDI Q3 review – Fine, elegant, classy

Audi knows how to exploit market niches and Q3 is committed to be a compact SUV-like and set out measures. The invoice is impeccable. If the price is reduced a little bit it will be a best seller.


Audi Q3 TDI Quattro S-tronic Review

Audi knows what the audience wants and provides it. At a price more or less affordable, it has the gift of making smart cars. The Audi Q3 responds to many questions with a single vehicle. With its very broad spectrum, the Q3 is able to please a lot of potential customers. Concept, image, style, aesthetics … the Q3 is a solution to several problems. Solvent, efficient, beautiful, practical … the Q3, will dominate the SUV Premium mid-size.

With the Q7 mammoth and Q5 we are playing In a very different league, far superior one. There was a gap underneath the covers and embraces the Q3 perfectly. With an exquisite finishing, meticulous, precisely elitist, the Q3 aims to be more beautiful than Range Rover Evoque, on one hand. In terms of luxury, modernity and look, it tries to respond forcefully to those who are looking for more Nissan Qashqai, Ford Kuga, Kia Sportage, etc. like vehicles.

Apparently, the Q3 grants with something new the Audi aesthetic. If we stop to look at it closer, we can almost speak of a new design line in the house of the four rings. The entire one is egg-shaped, very rounded and the line is slightly elevated in character. However, the curves are converted to very sharp lines, especially on your headlights and on the rear lights. The grill is more trapezoidal than ever. The face is like mad and the stylized headlights promise war, especially when they are turned on.  From aside we see much more glazed surface which ensures light in the spectacular passenger compartment, especially, if we pay 1 440 euros for the panoramic glass roof. The roof ends with escalation on the rear window. Again we find some pilots with a raging personality – strong red, presided by two nearly parallel lines that mark the braking.


Audi Q3 TDI Quattro
By Thomas doerfer (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Inside it seems to a certain extent gourmet. The truth is that we had access to test the standard version equipped for almost 17 000 euros for optional extras:

–           Leather,

–          navigator,

–          roof,

–          directional

–          xenon lights,

–          18-inch wheels,

–          Bose sound system,

–          Parking system

–          Lane Departure Warning that vibrates the steering wheel and gives slight tugs to return to the fold,

–          Keyless entry

–          Boot button…

Amazing! And I cannot miss to mention the amazing ambient lighting. I would almost say that it is from the 22-nd century, with some kind of neon lights surrounding the speakers which is astonishing.

In any case, it is fortunate to get behind the wheel from time to time. Cars like the Q3 that with some measures reduced the offered habitability and exceptional performance in almost all cases and conditions. The general feeling is that everything is calculated to the millimeter and has achieved perfection in the interior design. The quality that is felt is of honors. The view is superb, everything you touch exudes quality. I think Audi has found the key. They know exactly how to please the most demanding driver.

The feeling of the steering wheel, the leather seats, the dashboard, the buttons, the gear level – everything helps you feel good behind the wheel. There are holes everywhere, including under the front seats. Slowly things were improved to already good. Now the maximum speed is not marked on the navigation screen but on the board computer. This is right in between the large spheres of the speedometer and the tachometer.

The onboard computer has been minimally changed. It is now controlled from the steering wheel cone multifunction to the left. Is has a display to control what you spend with the systems that do not directly drive the vehicle. Obviously, it is with a Start & Stop System and is perfectly outfitted with an S-tronic, 7-speed automatic transmission.

Don’t expect miracles in the rear seats. They are fine but for its 4.38 meters you cannot expect miracles. It is not wide enough but two adults and a young one may face a long shift in relative comfort. The boot is 460 cubic liters, although it doesn’t appear so at the first sight. The loading port is at the right height and has hooks for transporting bags with ease.


Audi Q3
By Thomas doerfer (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A dynamic level – 177 horses power. They note that in terms of consumption as to potency in both cases it is quite balanced. In terms of power the output is not bad, but it shows that weighs about 1 600 kilos. The quarto driveline is noticed when passing by the supplier of fuel. Permanently active, even in normal conditions on asphalt barely penalizes. It has made us an average of 8.4 liters per 100 kilometers. At high speeds it needs 9 pints every 100 kilometers and it stabilizes around 7 liters at legal speeds.

The Start & Stop System of the engine is becoming more polishing. The engine comes to life as you just lift your foot off of the brake and is ready to get the hell out.

Rolling is expected in the highway and one misses the chassis calibration system. In any case pulling hundreds of kilometers poses no challenge to a car amply prepared for any company. But to be picky the cushions throw more toward comfort than toward firmness.

Very few clients intend to use the Audi Q3 for off-road driving. In any case, a short trip on dirt roads and rocks without too much difficulty has billed the solvency so as elegance.

Audi Q3 is a vehicle with a presence and a spectacular look. This is not because it is manufactured in Spain, the SEAT factory Martonell. This is because it is a car that responds with a single speech to many questions. And all this is with a grace, a presence and poise which is not common among the international brands now. As has become customary the supply of engines, gearboxes and finishing the Audi is broad. It is with various mechanical in gasoline and diesel that will secure the spot of everyone’s desires.