What Are The Best SUVs Of 2017?

With 2017 almost ending it is time to talk about the very best SUVs of 2017. Obviously, it is hard to choose ad you will most likely have your own opinion. However, it is really hard to argue with the fact that every single vehicle on this list is going to be a solid choice. We consider the following as being the very best SUVs that appeared this year, because of reasons highlighted in each sub-topic. Feel free to share your own opinion in the comment section.

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery is already considered as being among the best of all the family cars you could buy. The 2017 version is even better. It has a really smooth look and an upmarket appeal. Although it is more expensive than the Range Rovers, this is what you want when you look at executive saloons combined with 7 seats practicality.

The SUV has a lot of space inside and you will even have enough space as an adult in the rearmost seats. Cabin quality and finish are top notch and you gain access to a lot of technology. Discovery will be big but it is not that heavy. We have reasonable running costs and it is quite easy to consider the 2017 Land Rover Discovery as the top car of the year, period.

Volvo XC 60

People have been waiting for the new Volvo XC 60 for a long time and the truth is this time was well worth it. Even if Volvo does not have a long SUV history, the result is definitely one great, following on the XC 90’s footsteps while offering stylish looks, safety and much tech. The 4 cylinder engines are powerful, being stronger than what Mercedes GLC and Audi Q5 offer and although the SUV is sporty to drive, it is comfortable when you are behind the wheel. Comfort cruising is definitely a reality with 2017 Volvo XC 60.

Peugeot 5008

The larger brother of the Peugeot 3008, the 2017 Peugeot 5008 is replicating all the desirable features that made the smaller SUV a success. This includes stylish, well-equipped and functional interior. Then, extra space is added so that seating suitable for 7 people becomes a reality. You can choose out of 2 petrol engines together with various diesel options. The gearbox is auto 8 speed or 6 speed manual. The only real problem is the smaller steering wheel but that will not be too problematic for most buyers because of suitable handling. Driving dynamics may be a little low but running costs are also low while technology is plenty present and the ride is really comfortable.

Skoda Kodiaq

The practical touches Skoda is renowned for are present and the 7 seat SUV offers more space than most people need. Form is strong and while Yeti was a huge success, the Kodiaq managed to offer even increased value through practicality and luxury. Handling is decent given the large size of this SUV and you can choose out of diesel and petrol options that are really good. 2017 Skoda Kodiaq is actually good for those that need to tow and the cabin does look really smart, with inspiration obviously taken from Superb. Skoda Kodiaq is basically a really good SUV when thinking about value.


The last great SUV of the year we do need to highlight is the 2017 BMW X3 because of the great balance of performance and quality offered. This SUV is relatively new on the market but it does offer large potential in the market. BMW mk1 X3 was considered as being among the best mid-sized premium SUVs on the market but the market did end up filled with them till then. The competition is really large but the new BMW X3 manages to go a little over them. You will surely appreciate the cabin with the quality offered and the engines are also pretty strong.