2021 BMW i4 Preview

BMW seems to finally update the “I” family of its electrified vehicles. The car maker released new details about the 2021 BMW i4, which will be a pure EV sedan that should reach dealerships around the world in the year 2021. This move marks the i4 joining the i3 and the iX3, which will be… Continue reading 2021 BMW i4 Preview

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2020 BMW X6 – What Do We Know About It Now?

The BMW X6 appeared around ten years ago and was quite controversial. The crossover SUV like vehicle was high-riding and defied normal conventions. The sloping roofline was radical and the proportions were quite different than what the SUV was designed to offer. Then, BMW said it was a sports activity coupe, charging more when compared… Continue reading 2020 BMW X6 – What Do We Know About It Now?

2017 BMW X6 Vs 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

These two SUVs are really interesting for those that want strong vehicles as the children move out, making the shift from the bulky models of the past to the modern utility vehicles that are both stylish and strong. According to BMW, the 2017 X6 is “sports activity coupe” and Mercedes-Benz looks at the GLE-Class as… Continue reading 2017 BMW X6 Vs 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

2016 BMW X1 Review

The 2016 BMW X1 can easily be described as a tall, beautiful hatchback. It does not really look as a smaller SUV and does include what you would expect from a BWM: precise steering, spirited engine and sporty suspension. BMW X1 offers the passenger a roomy interior and the engine is quite enough for most… Continue reading 2016 BMW X1 Review