Best Times To Buy A New Car

After deciding what car is perfect for you, be it an SUV or anything else, it is time to buy it. One of the important questions you have to ask is when to buy that perfect car. This is because car costs fluctuate a lot based on many things, including time of day and day of the month. When you buy at the right time, you can save a lot of money, sometimes thousands of dollars.

Wondering when to buy a new car? Consider the following.

Do Not Buy During Weekends

The best days of the week when you should buy a new or used car are Monday to Wednesday. This is because customer traffic is lower. You can receive a great deal from most dealerships as during weekends, they are crowded.

During weekends, you also get less personal attention. This makes negotiating really difficult.

For most dealerships, Monday is the slowest day of the week. You can negotiate great deals then.

Later In The Month Or Year

During the year, October to December are great months to buy. There are sales quotas that need to be met. If the salesperson has quotas to think about, you get better deals.

The one thing that you have to be aware of though is that sales deadlines do not just sync with the month. Sometimes, the best time is to go earlier. You do not want to walk in during the very last day of the month. You want to visit a few days earlier.

Take Advantage Of Holiday Sales

Car dealers often launch huge marketing campaigns during holidays. You can easily take advantage of this since discounts tend to be higher. Some of the holidays that you can consider are:

  • Memorial Day – Summer is usually a bad time to buy cars. However, dealers cut prices around Memorial Day. The models from the following year start to appear around the middle of the year. This reduces car prices for what is already present on lots.
  • New Year’s Eve – This is almost always the very best day of the entire year when you should shop for a new car. All quotas affect salespersons then. When they manage to hit sales goals, bonuses are received. Take advantage of this to get better deals.
  • Black Friday – Black Friday takes the world by storm and car dealerships do participate.

Shop When The New Models Appear

Whenever it is possible to wait longer, hold out until the dream vehicle is on closeout. All dealerships have limited available space. As the new models have to be delivered, the old stock has to be sold. This means the models that are to be replaced will be available at a great discount.

Always think about timing. Shoppers always use the same strategy. The car manufacturers release models during summer. When you wait until the winter, it is possible that you get a lower income.

Negotiate Based On Time

You need patience in order to buy a car at a great discount. However, whenever you have time, it is your ally. A car always depreciates. If you wait one year before you buy a car or you choose the correct day/month, thousands of dollars can be saved. Everyone is happy when they pay less for their car.