Incredible Facts About The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

As soon as the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car was announced it shocked people. This is because it surpassed practically all possible expectations. We are looking at a flawless design with countless features that are going to blow your mind. If you want something in your car, there is a good possibility that BMW realized it and already offered so much. While it might take a hundred years until the car is officially launched and on the streets, the future sure looks sexy.

There are so many things that can be said about the BMW Vision Next 100 but the following ones are particularly interesting/incredible.

Geometric Design

The only way you can define the design of the BMA Vision Next 100 is art. This geometric design just lets you wanting to see more. Everything is crisp and stylish, with an appearance that is similar to a racing car from the future. Many actually said that they hope this concept car will inspire other manufacturers in the future with what was already designed.

Living Exterior

This is a car that uses what is known as Alive Geometry. The technology allows the vehicle to turn in various directions. As a result, the look is sleek and you will be impressed instantly since the frame actually adapts so that you can turn the wheel.

This particular feature is key for the car and it instantly stands out. It was praised by everyone and is the detail that basically makes us feel as if we are living in the future.

Doors Without Handles

While there are cars that have sensory trunks, BMW actually removes handles. This offers a particularly smooth finish and allows you to open your car with a swipe of your hand. Obviously, there is a problem with this. What do you do in the event the system breaks? How will you get into the car? Nobody really cares about this right now and there are years left until a solution can be found.

A New Handle-Style Steering Wheel

BMW is challenging many things in what we see as normal car design, including the steering wheel. The wheel design is changed and replaced with a 2-handle steering wheel. To make matters even more impressive, the wheel actually disappears from the dashboard if you enter the self-driving mode. You thus get more room to do other things while the car drives itself. With one touch of a button, your steering wheel disappears.

Encapsulated Wheels

If you are looking for things that are questionable in the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept, here it is. However, it is also something that might be great. The wheel is protected and we might be looking at a brand new wheel design.

The problem with this is that changing your tires becomes difficult. However, this will, most likely, be solved. The idea is definitely interesting but nobody can blame you if you are not actually on board.

Warning Lights For Self-Driving Mode

BMW comes to the table here with a feature that should be included in every single self-driving car on the market. There is a purple diamond that is present on the dashboard. When the car is in self-driving mode, it lights up. Also, rear lights modify so other vehicles are warned about the self-driving mode.

This precaution is great and can prevent accidents. The vehicle practically tells you the fact that it is driving itself.

Lounge Seating

You cannot deny the fact that the chairs are incredible. Many will just want to stay in the back so they have a lot of space around them. The chairs are comfortable and classy. You will surely appreciate them, especially the headrests.

Interactive Windshield

Just take a look at this windshield and you will instantly want it. Practically, this is a huge computer screen that offers warnings, shows you obstacles and a whole lot more. It is perfect if you have problems with GPS navigation since you see a line on the road as you drive. You will never go the wrong way.

Carbon Fiber And Plastic Exterior

When you look at this, you are tempted to think that it is not at all a big deal. However, plastic and carbon fiber do not rust. Technology can fail but you will never have to worry about rusting and having to buy a brand new car. At the same time, your car will always look fresh because of it. The reason why manufacturers do not do this right now is that manufacture cost is really high. However, in the future this might be pretty affordable.