Cadillac Lyriq Debuts AS The First Cadillac Luxury EV

Cadillac just revealed its first ever crossover SUV in the battery-electric offerings. While what was unveiled is just a concept, it is expected that what was shown will be very similar to what will enter production somewhere around 2022.

Cadillac Lyric is an SUV of a mid-size. Due to this, it will compete with options like Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model X, and Audi E-Tron. All of these are respected and the Lyriq is faced with quite a sturdy competition.

We do not know everything about the capabilities of the new EV but we are confident that the 100 KW-hour battery is going to deliver around 300 miles or more. When referring to charging capabilities, DC will be able to charge at 150 kilowatts or more, making an 80% charge possible in around half an hour.

The third generation General Motors EV platform makes this possible, the BEV3, together with the battery branded by Ultium. This is a battery that offers a lot of packaging flexibility, being less costly to produce than the current designs on the market. Most of this is because of the fact that there is a low need to use cobalt, which is a rare earth material. Basically, the battery needs around 70% less cobalt than the other batteries by GM.

There is no mention of horsepower with Cadillac Lyriq, but most EVs that are in this market segment are brisk. We know that rear-wheel drive will be included but AWD is going to be available for those that need it. There is also a low gravity center since the battery is placed inside the floor. The weight distribution is 50/50. As a result, we should have confident handling.

All the EV buyers are interested in a lot of technology and this SUV is surely not going to disappear. There will be a large 33-inch screen that is included in a minimalistic, airy cabin. This screen integrates infotainment, camera views, and driving information. Pixel density is higher than all the automotive screens that are nowadays produced. Then, we have a heads-up display with dual-plane augmented reality. In one plane you see the important metrics (speed and more) and in the second one you see alerts and other transparent navigation signals.

Cadillac Lyric will include the semi-autonomous driving system known as Super Cruise. It can handle lane changes and the self-parking system will be able to handle perpendicular and parallel parking. Instructions can be offered from a remote device. Seat adjustments are possible with the use of driver profiles, including climate and mirror settings.

Speaking about audio, Lyriq is going to include an AKG sound system with 19 speakers. Road noise cancellation is included so that you can easily remove all unwanted noises, including tire cavity noise. The last thing we should mention is definitely appearance. We are looking at the familiar Cadillac shapes but things go way ahead of that, with the overall feeling of this SUV being futuristic.