Tips To Remember For Overseas Vehicle Shipping

When you ship any vehicle overseas, the process is risky and expensive. The same thing goes for when you ship it across the country but the problems that can appear when you use vehicle shipping services can be much more serious.

Due to how difficult this can be, there are many that actually sell their SUVs before shipping. However, if you do not want to do that, you need to know how to handle the shipping process. The most important advice to always remember is presented below.

Research The Company You Hire

No matter what you might think, the most important part of the process is choosing a really good shipping carrier that can help you with everything related to the move. You cannot simply trust the first one you find or one that is recommended by a friend. It is paramount that you conduct your very own research so that you can choose the services of a shipping company that you can actually trust.

Most of the horror stories you hear when it comes to shipping cars is related to some sort of improper carrier choice. This is especially damaging when referring to the high-end cars. You would instantly ruin your investment if you choose the wrong shipping company.

Analyze Insurance Coverage

The insurance policy is mandatory. You need to know what you are covered for. Ask your considered shipping company to reveal its insurance coverage in terms of liability. The reputable firms sometimes have a coverage of up to $1 million, which is quite a lot.

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Remember that damage can always appear during shipping. This sometimes happens even with the best shippers. Fortunately, it can be documented and the insurance policy can coverage all the repairs needed, when liability insurance is in place.

Plan Well In Advance

If you want to ship an SUV or any other vehicle for that matter, remember that it is more expensive, slower to move and bulkier. Even a domestic delivery can last one month. With international shipping, sometimes it takes 2 months. This is why you have to plan in advance and properly determine the required timeframe for delivery and loading.

Uncovered Transportation?

You have to think about whether or not the vehicle will be covered. It is usually cheaper if you choose the uncovered option, but the sheet metal becomes more susceptible to debris and dents. Enclosed or covered carriers offer increased protection. However, you end up paying around 60% more if you opt for this option.

Generally, the buyers that ship vintage, luxury, or classic vehicles need to seriously consider covered transportation options. Alternatively, vehicles should also be top-loaded when using trailers.

Empty The Car But Do Leave Some Gas In It

Before you load the vehicle onto any carrier, empty it. You do not want to carry any extra items that are not needed since they can compromise shipment safety. All goods placed inside can be damaged and loose items will impede clear line of sight needed during unloading and loading.

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At the same time, you should leave the fuel tank around one quarter full. Talk to the carrier to see if the battery needs to be disconnected as some do require it.