Ford Expedition EcoBoost 4WD 2015 Review

The Ford Expedition EcoBoost 4WD 2015 is praised by so many professional reviewers. We are faced with new rear and front designs and a powerful engine in the EcoBoost V6 3.5 liter. The SUV does feature the same exact body from the year 2007 but Expedition does become a really strong competitor on the market due to the other modifications that were done.

2 Turbochargers Replace 2 Cylinders

The main changes in the 2015 version can clearly be seen when you pop the hood. EcoBoost technology basically retired the V8 and replaced it with the use of twin direct-injected turbocharged V6 DOHC 3.5 liter. This offers 365 hp and 420 pounds per foot of torque. You basically get the main driving experience offered through torque and you can cruise at higher gears while fuel consumption is reduced, together with driveline noise.

Driving Experience

Ford Expedition EcoBoost 4WD 2015 interior

You get up to 60 miles per hour in just 6.4 seconds. You can easily pass other vehicles if you want to and you can take advantage of a 7000 pound maximum load, which is huge even for the larger families. For Expedition EcoBoost 4WD 2015 is rated as being able to pull a maximum of 9200 pounds.

Trim Opportunities

Ford Expedition EcoBoost 4WD 2015 2

There are more trim options that are available this year. Platinum Trim is added to the standard XLT and Limited we saw in 2014. The Platinum package includes so many interesting extras if you are looking for luxury in your SUV, all with French stitched leather.

While comfort is definitely high, we do have a problem in the fact that there is a lot of hard plastic on the door panels, console and dash, which is disappointing given the fact that this is a version that starts at around $60,000. Good news comes from the fact that you do have more than enough room and the comfort is great for 8 adults.

Electronic Technology

Ford Expedition EcoBoost 4WD 2015

We cannot talk about the EcoBoost Ford Expedition 4WD 2015 without mentioning technology. This is where the interior simply shines. As expected, you do have MyFord Touch included and the only real problem that we can mention with the technology included is the fact that the screen touch mounts are kind of small, making it difficult to hit them while moving. Even so, the upgrade that comes with the new system is much better than the last version. You can even go for something extra if that is what you want.