Ford Flex SEL 2014 Review

Ford Flex SEL 2014 is not the most popular seven-seat type of crossover SUV but it certainly brings some unique features on the market. It delivers proper functionality and security as only the best-selling crossovers know to do. Even though it comes in a boxy wrapper from Range Rovers and Fairlanes it should still be considered as it is and appreciated for its uniqueness and proper functionality and safety features.

Interesting Shape

Ford Flex SEL 2014 4

First of all, Ford Flex SEL 2014 can be considered as a witty counter take on the roundness features of its current utes. It is one that certainly attracts attention through its standout type of shape by being fitted with a very comfortable interior and absolutely amazing infotainment systems. The pleasant driving experience simply adds up to all of these interesting features and make Ford Flex SEL 2014 great surprise among people who are passionate about driving this type of cars.

Great Impression

Ford Flex SEL 2014 2

Ford Flex SEL 2014 has been one of the great surprises this year and it has made a great impression by being based on the interesting and vintage station wagons from the past. It has also made a great impression for its steers which obviously come for the clichés that keep people passionate about cars way far from minivans. It is a boxy type of vehicle but not in a bad sense. It plays up the interesting corners and runs its grooved down flanks which certainly make it the great attraction this year.

Its features attract attention towards its greenhouse that is glassy and really long. Looks like the retro-modern fusion has definitely worked like a charm in its case. It should also be appreciated for its interior which is well-designed and which is made up of an interesting mix of materials that blend perfectly. Its touch controls look good as well and the LCD screens also attract attention.

Strong Performance

Ford Flex SEL 2014 3

The most important aspect to consider is the performance of the car. Ford Flex SEL 2014 also attracts attention through its good handling and certainly strong performance as it has been expected. Nothing but a strong performance could have ever made a statement in the case of a car like Ford Flex SEL 2014. It remains the star of the lineup that remains the turbocharged. It features a 3.5 liter V6 base that makes 287 hp.

One thing is also certain: Ford Flex SEL 2014 is the fastest car of this type and from this class so far. It comes equipped with a new electric type of power steering system and a fast ratio. It also features an interesting steering unit locked onto the sub-frame and a very precise steering feel. It comes with a whole range of improvements that add up to its ride harshness. The cabin of Ford Flex SEL 2014 is also much quieter than the road noise.

Ford Flex SEL 2014

All in all, Ford Flex SEL 2014 is a very interesting car to consider. It comes equipped with cozy first and second rows as well as a good choice of bench or buckets. Its long wheelbase pays off and there is definitely sufficient space available for everyone in this car.