How To Buy Good Winter Tires For Your SUV

There are many parts of the world where it is impossible to drive if you do not have a great pair of winter tires. This is especially the case during winters.

In many countries, it is the law to have winter tires on your cars during specific times of the month. Even if this is not the case, you still need them.

Unfortunately, buying really good winter tires for your SUV is not that simple. You need to choose something that is suitable for you.

Whenever you want to buy winter tires for the SUV, take into account the following.

Tire Size

The size of your SUV’s tires should be known. When you go to a store to buy tires, you are first asked about size. Both summer and winter tires have to be of the exact same size.

To learn what size you need, analyze sidewalls. A code is present there, something like PXXX/YY R17. These numbers mean:

  • XXX – Tread width, basically the tire’s part that will touch the road when you drive.
  • YY – The ratio between tire top and tread width.
  • 17 – Tire interior diameter (usually listed in inches).

Road Types

Will you drive the SUV on side roads, highways or city roads? Maybe you want to go off-road. Whenever driving a lot, your tires need to be sturdier so they do not skid when faced with poorer conditions. Whenever driving mainly inside the city, the best choice is one with a proper price-quality ratio.

Actually Look At The Tires

This one is quite obvious but the truth is that it is always worth actually looking at the tires you want to buy as opposed to just randomly buying online. This allows you to visually compare quality and look at different factors like grooves, lateral stiffness and flexibility.

You will get better traction with larger grooves when driving on a winter surface. Obviously, you can also consider the tires manufactured in China. They are cheaper but bare in mind that they will wear out much faster and handling capabilities are poor.

Ask Good Questions

If you do not know that much about choosing winter tires, it is a great idea to talk with a sales representative that is experienced. This is because they do know all the right questions that have to be answered. At the same time, you can ask questions about road driving conditions and how they impact the choice or how your annual mileage influences the choice.

Thorough sales representatives also ask questions about reinforced tires that can offer better turning control. You will even learn about different tread types.

Ice Tires vs Snow Tires

Usually, ice tires tend to be better than snow tires because of the fact that they offer really good transaction on both ice and snow. The opposite of this statement is not always happening. Ice tires work great when you mostly drive on drier surfaces and highways. When you often drive downtown, focus on getting better traction so that you can go through snow banks.

Braking And Handling

Winter tires always have a huge impact on braking and handling. You buy them due to these two attributes. As outside temperature goes under 7 degrees Celsius, the all-season tire loses a lot of flexibility and transaction. Safe driving is no longer possible.

See exactly what handling and braking is offered through the winter tires you purchase.

Shop Around

There are countless sales representatives or retailers that want to offer you a great deal but you should not settle for the very first suggestion. Just because some winter tires are on sale does not mean that they are really good for you.

Get many suggestions so you can choose out of different options. This allows you to get winter tires that are very good as you choose out of various models, all based on features, specific needs and price.

Do Not Mix And Match

In order to save some money, some SUV owners go for various brands. They practically change only one tire, when it needs changed. When you have tires from different brands, driving can be affected as you can end up with poor handling situations. Do not mix your tires, whenever possible, of course. Such a thing is particularly important for SUVs.

Do Not Overpay

The budget is definitely an important part of the choice you are going to make. You should not be afraid to go to various stores. Look online too so you cam make a great choice. There are always some promotions and deals that exist. Financing plans also exist.

Final Thoughts

Winter tires have to meet the needs that you have and should never be based on family and friends or their recommendations. Consider driving habits and relay the information to sales representatives, when you meet them. These specialists can guide you as you buy.

The perfect winter tire does not actually exist. Some of the really expensive ones also have clear weaknesses. As you buy your winter tires for SUVs, you make a compromise.