How To Choose The Very Best Tires For Your SUV

Most SUV owners know about what size to choose when they buy their SUVs. What they do not know is that there is so much more to take into account. There are various tire types available on the market. They do look similar but they will end up being optimized in order to deal well in different conditions, or with different usages.

When choosing SUV tires, think about these facts:

  • Weather conditions
  • Driving Style
  • Place of driving

Weather Conditions And SUV Tires

Many different performance characteristics exist and should be taken into account.

The tires on your vehicle can handle various climatic conditions, like ice, snow, really high heat and rain. All of these will affect the performance of your tires. You do need to be safe so always buy those tires that can perform in the most common possible climate conditions you live in. At the same time, you need to take into account the really extreme weather conditions that could be encountered.

Some considerations:

  • When weather is mostly warm and temperature does not go under freezing, buy simple all-season tires. Summer tires also work well.
  • When weather is seasonal, you need a set for summer and winter. Alternatively, you can consider all-season SUV tires.
  • If the winter is severe and the climate in your area is seasonal, you need summer tires or all-season tires but you also need heavy winter tires.

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Place Of Driving And SUV Tires

When referring to driving conditions, you should consider the following.

When your driving is mainly in the city

You need to consider:

  • Tire braking distance – Tires need to have perfect braking distance on wet and dry roads.
  • Longevity – When you drive a lot in the city, you are bound to go through numerous starts and stops. This has a large impact on the tire. Always go for SUV tires that are designed for increased longevity.
  • Fuel economy – Low rolling resistance tires will save you fuel.

When your driving is mainly on the highway

When most of the driving happens on long highways, you are interested in braking distance when going at really high speed. Maximum safety means that you select the tires that offer perfect braking distance on wet and dry roads.

Since trips are long, tires should offer comfort in regards to noise level and vibration. Then, speaking about handling, the best tires are those that offer excellent stability and grip.

When your driving is mainly on roads that are unpaved

The very best tires are those that offer maximum durability and perfect off-road traction.

Driving Style And SUV Tires

You need to enjoy yourself when you drive so you have to look for SUV tires that will match your driving style.

Those that want a really quiet and comfortable ride should buy SUV tires that are designed for low road noise, a smooth ride and comfort. Touring tires that have a low speed rating are great as they are optimized for much more than just speed. Do not go over the official speed rating, as it is specified by tire manufacturer. In addition, make sure that you avoid the tread designs that are aggressive. They do look great but so much road noise would be generated.

Those that want to feel every single curve when they drive should look for SUV tires that are designed for steering or handling precision. Usually, these are labeled as being “high-performance tires”. They also have really high-speed ratings. You get a really precise, stiff ride but your control is much higher.