Is a Bugatti SUV in the Works?

The Bugatti Veyron is an intoxicating hypercar that defies all laws of physics. Even car enthusiasts that think they know everything are thrilled by it! Molsheim brand currently only offers this model; an SUV could soon join it as part of their lineup.

Stephan Winkelmann previously oversaw the Lamborghini Urus, so he has experience in this arena. With the popularity of luxury SUVs increasing exponentially, now might be an opportune time to consider what a Bugatti SUV may resemble.


An SUV Bugatti may sound far-fetched to many people, but it’s actually not all that unrealistic. Other performance marques have already joined this club, such as Lamborghini and Porsche – another great way of maintaining exclusivity for these marques.

But that being said, an SUV from Bugatti is still far off despite confirmation by its boss Stephan Winkelmann that one will eventually come. His concern lies with diluting its exclusivity by offering more vehicle volumes.

Notable here is that the SUV being released will likely be hybrid, featuring both a traditional petrol engine and electric motor for optimal operation when driven on public roads, yet being enhanced when hitching up to racetracks for an exceptional driving experience.

The exterior design of the Bugatti SUV will likely resemble that of its namesake car, yet with some notable modifications. Most likely it will feature an aggressive but subdued splitter; additionally, its front grille may expand.

Inside, expect the cabin to be luxurious with leather and Alcantara seating as the most common choices. A flat-bottom steering wheel with buttons on both spokes is likely; rear seats may not offer sports car-esque comfort like those found in the Chiron; however, their dashboard will undoubtedly feature both digital instrument clusters as well as an expansive infotainment system.

No doubt about it; the new Bugatti SUV will be extremely costly. Competing against luxury SUVs such as Bentley’s Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus and Rolls-Royce Cullinan models means its price may exceed $1 Million.


Bugatti SUVs have long been known for their incredible performance. While not quite reaching the record-setting speeds of the Chiron, their vehicles still pack serious speed compared to similar SUVs from other manufacturers like Lamborghini Urus or Bentley Bentayga. Even their rumored SUV powered by an Audi engine could produce up to 600 horsepower and deliver 660 lb-ft of torque – enough power for them to hit 0-190mph in under three seconds! That makes them more than capable competitors from luxury SUV manufacturers like Lamborghini Urus or Bentley Bentayga!

But Bugatti does not plan to create an SUV based on the Chiron’s front-wheel drive architecture due to their desire to uphold their brand promise of exclusivity; high volume models would dilute this promise and wrap a massive W-16 engine around front wheels may prove difficult for an SUV chassis.

Bugatti’s SUV may feature the same front end design as its Chiron model, but will need to be altered accordingly due to vehicle proportions. For instance, its headlamps must be wider and longer. Furthermore, air intakes need to be taller and bigger; Bugatti can achieve this goal by splitting each opening into two slits similar to how they did so on Chiron.

As for its rear profile, we expect the Bugatti SUV will feature a taller tailgate than found on the Chiron as well as narrower windows and possibly an aerodynamic diffuser-type element in its bumper or exhaust pipes for an aggressive appearance.

Bugatti SUV interior design will likely combine elements from previous models with technology from its parent company Volkswagen. Luxury and comfort will likely be top priorities; if Bugatti manages to craft an outstanding cabin for this hauler then they could compete with similar luxury SUVs such as Bentley or Rolls-Royce models.


Bugatti has earned itself an impeccable reputation for producing stunning vehicles. But this French automaker also designs vehicles that can be considered practical and functional; one such car boasts impressive fuel economy numbers that allow it to cover 261 miles with just one tank of gas!

The latest models from this brand offer impressive performance and luxurious features that make driving them an absolute pleasure. One such model is the Divo; an evolution of the Chiron that provides more room and features in terms of interior comfort as well as an even more powerful engine, generating up to 1,000 horsepower!

Although Porsche is best-known for their sports cars, they have recently expanded their portfolio by diversifying. Many manufacturers whose primary product is typically sports or luxury cars have recently introduced an SUV into their product lineups – Porsche offers multiples SUV models while Bentley and Lamborghini both offer the Urus. These haulers have proven hugely popular among customers and profitable for each manufacturer.

Bugatti may add an SUV to its lineup soon. After all, this would keep them ahead of their competitors and Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed that they are exploring various high-riding vehicle solutions.

It is likely that the new SUV will use the same platform as the Bugatti Veyron to lower development costs while creating a familiar look and appeal to more customers. Like its counterpart, the Chiron, its front end will probably include two large intakes on either side of a horseshoe radiator for maximum air intake.

On its rear end, the new SUV will feature a narrow rear window and diffuser-like element in its bumper. Taillights should resemble those found in the Chiron but may be smaller due to wider dimensions of SUV rear ends.


At first blush, the idea of a Bugatti SUV might seem far-fetched; but once you consider sales trends and what an SUV could bring to French automaker Peugeot’s sales strategy it becomes less unlikely. If they want to remain relevant and meet customer satisfaction it makes perfect sense that they would produce such a model.

If the company follows through with its plans for an SUV, its design may draw inspiration from existing designs of its vehicles. The front end could resemble that of the Chiron with thin and wide headlamps positioned wide apart with an opening in its apron; however, its bumper may differ. Furthermore, rear of vehicle should resemble current model but possibly with slimmer taillights and more sloping tailgate.

One design feature that might differ is how side skirts are configured. Current sideskirts have a C shape that starts at the A-pillar and runs around all four windows before coming down towards the car’s side, meeting it nearer its rear doors. In an SUV this could move higher up or even wrap around all five doors of the vehicle altogether.

Interior of the F-X will likely resemble that of the Chiron, with plenty of wood and leather throughout, possibly including seating covered by leather or alcantara with multiple adjustment options to ensure all passengers can find their preferred position.

Interior challenges will center around how to make the SUV practical while upholding its luxurious image. Bugatti may need to source its engine from somewhere else, with Bentley already using W-12 engines in its Bentayga and producing 600 horsepower and 660 pound-feet of torque; enough power should be available here to make an exceptional luxury SUV.