Lamborghini Urus – A Midcycle Facelift

As SUVs gain in popularity, exotic manufacturers are quick to join the bandwagon – one such manufacturer being Lamborghini who unveiled its inaugural SUV, Urus in 2017.

This unique ute draws heavily from Audi when it comes to technology and safety features, featuring three-screen infotainment system, fully digital driver’s cluster, and climate controls on an additional lower screen.


Lamborghini has created its inaugural sport utility vehicle – the Urus. A powerful, high-riding SUV capable of both off-road performance and being driven in comfort on city roads, this is also great fun to drive thanks to its V8 engine that produces ballistic performance – earning it its moniker “Raging Bull SUV.” Acceleration from zero-60 can occur within three seconds with top speeds reaching 190 mph.

Apart from its off-road capabilities, the Urus boasts a sleek and sophisticated interior designed to cater to luxury as well as daily use. The Urus features a two-screen infotainment system; with one dedicated solely for entertainment while another handles navigation and data management – working together seamlessly for an easy user experience.

The standard Urus seats five passengers comfortably with its pair of bolstered front seats and bench in the rear, but four-seat configurations are also available for those needing to transport more. Behind its rear bench there’s 22.0 cubic feet of storage space available for you.

The Urus stands apart from other sports utility vehicles by using a mid-engine design with all four wheels receiving power from its engine. This makes it easier to handle and maneuver as well as providing increased traction during any driving scenario; be it off-road tracks, snowy mountains or gravel country roads.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has also hinted at an all-electric version of the Urus being available later. Production for the current Urus will remain until it is replaced by a hybrid model in 2029.


With its top speed of 189 mph, the Lamborghini Urus SUV stands out among performance SUVs – but more importantly it drives like a dream and offers both luxury and practicality for everyday life.

The Urus SUV designers implemented the same aesthetic used on Lamborghini super sports cars. As a result, its designers created a vehicle with muscular proportions and prominent wings reminiscent of those found on Lamborghini super sports cars. Every surface contributes to its aerodynamic prowess; instead of sharp lines like many Lamborghini models use, however, more organic curves join together its surfaces creating less robotic yet more naturally aggressive features on this SUV than its Lamborghini predecessors do.

As with Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, and Bentley Bentayga models, Urus SUV contains plenty of mass market engineering beneath its exotic exterior. That doesn’t make its development any less impressive – instead it shows smart engineers taking existing work and adapting it accordingly for their vehicle type – the Urus’ chassis is composed of aluminum and steel construction with frameless doors, torsional beams replacing the C-pillar, steel support frames for seats and chassis floor, among other unique elements.

Lamborghini introduced an aggressive variant of its Urus SUV for 2023 called the Performante. Upgrades include redesigned front and roof-mounted spoilers that increase downforce by 8%; additionally, this model uses lower ride height steel spring suspension instead of air suspension; driving modes have also been modified with Rally mode added as standard features.


The 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante receives a midcycle facelift with modifications both inside and out, offering drivers an impressive driving experience at 0-60 in just 3.6 seconds thanks to its 641 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 engine, which can be upgraded up to 627 horsepower in the S model. Furthermore, this Lamborghini SUV can reach top speeds of 190mph; making it one of the fastest crossover SUVs.

The Urus SUV features advanced technologies designed to make driving and handling pleasurable even on challenging terrain. These include an electromechanical active roll stabilization system which decouples stabilizer halves to reduce rolling angle when traveling bumpy roads, while offering driver customization through its ANIMA and EGO modes.

EGO mode gives drivers the option of customizing suspension rigidity and steering response according to personal preference. Furthermore, Urus comes equipped with an adaptive damping system which adjusts according to driving conditions – whether long drives require comfort settings or rougher, curvier roads warrant aggressive or sportier settings.

As well as these technologies, the Lamborghini SUV features an intuitive telematics and infotainment system with various connectivity options such as GPS navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Furthermore, this vehicle boasts rear view camera capability, automatic climate control system with 21 speakers that produce 1700W of sound power; rear seat passengers will appreciate having individual smart screens within the backseats for their enjoyment.

Some purists may scoff at the concept of a Lamborghini SUV, but its new super-SUV is undeniably impressive. Boasting bold styling, an agile powertrain and two rows of seats – not to mention being capable of traversing off-road like no other luxury SUV on the market – the Urus proves that performance car manufacturers can build SUVs without jeopardizing their core principles.


Lamborghini SUVs are not your average vehicles; in addition to power, performance, and design features that set it apart, a 2024 Lamborghini Urus provides cutting-edge driving and safety technology features for added protection while on the roads of Greenwich CT.

The Urus offers permanent all-wheel drive with Torsen center differential with active rear torque vectoring, four-wheel steering and carbon-ceramic brakes to handle all forms of driving situations. Furthermore, there are various driving modes to customize your experience: the STRADA mode provides comfort and convenience; SPORT mode excels at agility and speed; NEVE provides safety on snowy surfaces while CORSA mode can even race tracks!

The Urus offers an individualized interior that stands out from its competitors, featuring luxurious leather upholstery in its spacious cabin and an intuitive dashboard equipped with two face-lifted touchscreens that feature haptic feedback and interactive voice command features; its displays change depending on which driving mode is selected; plus it comes equipped with a Bang & Olufsen sound system boasting 21 loudspeakers for high quality audio performance.

Other driving and safety features of the Urus include an advanced air suspension that allows you to customize your ride height. This feature is especially handy if you plan on using it off-road trails. Furthermore, it comes equipped with night vision camera so that drivers can see obstacles more clearly while driving at night, 4-wheel antilock brakes with emergency braking assist and front and rear side airbags for extra protection.


Spending over $260,000 on an SUV should guarantee its owners of plenty of features, and the 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante certainly lives up to this expectation. Boasting a ride height that’s half an inch lower than its standard Urus counterpart and featuring a dedicated suspension designed specifically to deliver superior handling dynamics, rear axle torque vectoring system for improved cornering precision, as well as carbon ceramic brakes among the largest ever seen on production vehicles, the 2023 Urus Performante delivers.

The Urus boasts luxurious exterior and interior styling with an abundance of connectivity and infotainment features, such as its fully digital gauge cluster and two touchscreens integrated into its dashboard – which are used for driver assistance technologies as well as managing most primary functions of the car.

Lamborghini’s SUV lineup is truly distinctive, offering consumers looking for an exciting blend of luxury and performance a unique choice. But its luxury SUV offering, the Urus, doesn’t come without drawbacks: It is pricey, less fuel-efficient than mainstream models and doesn’t provide everyday practicality like many mainstream options do.

If you can accept its restrictions, the Urus is an exceptional vehicle, offering thrills and excitement only found in Lamborghinis cars. As such, many buyers who want to showcase their success choose this SUV; now all that remains is for you to decide whether you’re willing to spend enough money to join this exclusive club.