Lexus UX SUV Preview

Lexus is a symbol for innovation in the luxury automotive world. This is quite clear when looking at the Lexus UX SUV as it highlights the very interesting vision that the manufacturer has for the world of the SUV. UX is basically a concept SUV that was unveiled this month in September at the Paris Motor Show. The futuristic design automatically made people stare. It is enough to say that we talk about holograms that are replacing displays. This practically is Lexus’ vision about the future and it is definitely one that is interesting. While we will surely not see some interactive holograms in a production car, the UX highlights the direction the company is heading in when referring to the compact SUVs.

lexus-uxThe clear aspect that stands out is the design. There is a clear emphasis put on roof bars and wheel arches. This is what creates the main structure of the vehicle, leading to gray matte trimming all around the SUV. There is a massive grille installed that offers a sort of futuristic image and the wheels can be described as being massive, offering a large lift over roads while driving.

Those that appreciate a rugged look on an SUV will surely love the Lexus UX preview concept car. We are looking at a vehicle with a sturdy and strong vibe.


When looking at the interior of the Lexus UX preview the impact is clear and strong. All starts with sideview mirrors being replaced by high definition cameras. Video is fed to a display that you can find clse to your wheel. Driver instrument is replaced with the really interesting hologram globe and we also have a hologram display right on the system for infotainment. There is a specific case that is holding the hologram placed exactly where you normally have your center console. A soundbar is added, one that is quite nice but if you do not like it, do not worry since it is removable.


A large part of the focus is directed towards the driving experience. This is quite obvious. We have a Kinetic Seat Concept added, one that stabilizes head movement while hugging the entire body. This means that you will be able to sit much more comfortably for longer periods of time when driving long distances.

The bottom line is that Lexus UX is a great concept SUV that features some visionary design elements. The future for SUV driving instantly becomes really interesting when you just look at the SUV. Cool features like being able to take the soundbar with you and the kinetic seats will make you want to spend a lot of money if you have it. While we cannot know exactly what features are going to be added when the Lexus UX actually appears on the market, the future is bright.