Opel Antara 2014 Review

The new Opel Antara 2014 seems to have brought quite a revolution in the automobile industry. It features a very interesting and exotic type of outer design with an magnificent engine and an upgraded type of interior.

Its convenient and urban style has been well received by car fans who were pleased to see that the car features two diesel engines and a gasoline one. It has been renowned so as to feature a better performance and it comes with reduced fuel consumption which can only make us feel happy that it has been made available on the market.

The Interior Features

Opel Antara 2014 3 interior

The new Opel Antara 2014 features all of the amazing things that you could possibly want to see in a car in terms of interiors. It features a broad body that makes a fantastic first impression through the luxurious comfort it offers.

The high quality fabric used for the creation of its seats will allow its riders to gain access to the ultimate comfort they deserve. The seats of the new Opel Antara 2014 have been designed to support you during any possible ride you might decide to take in your brand new car. The car features spacious storage areas due to the way in which its front console has been designed.

The storage areas have also been designed so as to be within the easy reach of any car rider. Chrome handles have been created for the car and by combining it with its bright color the overall effect has become quite popular among car fans.

The Engines

Opel Antara 2014 4

Opel Ecotec Engines is a famous engine manufacturer because its specialists have always managed to manufacture the best car engines. The new Opel Antara 2014 features amazing engines that have been designed using the latest technologies. Due to its powerful engines, the car manages to offer an impressive performance to anyone interested in getting it out for a spin.

However, even though the car functions very well on the road you should not be worried about its consumption because it features lower power consumption that will certainly count a lot when you might consider its advantages and whether it is worth purchasing for the long run or not.

The engines used for the new Opel Antara 2014 follows the latest technologies in the field which offers it the ability to reduce noise inside the car making the ride as comfortable and pleasant as possible. The noise reduction brings the car driver a wide range of benefits such as a higher level of car control through the automatic transmission which is not something that requires strong efforts so as to be properly used.

Special Features

Opel Antara 2014 2

The new Opel Antara 2014 also attracts attention through some of its special features. We can consider at this stage features such as its speedy acceleration from 0 to 60 mph that can be easily achieved in even less than 8 seconds. Pretty amazing, right? The car exterior has also been adorned with special accents such as unique vents for air which can be easily discovered close to the front wheels and the hood lines.

All in all, the new Opel Antara 2014 is a good car to consider this year for its improved features in terms of performance, power and design. You will definitely feel 100% secure driving this car during your special trips.