2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4X4 Review

The 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser is in its last year and this is the model that marks the retirement. A special Ultimate Edition will be offered. Just 2,500 units are built and you will most likely need to work hard to find it. However, the regular SUV will be available and you will, most likely, appreciate what Toyota offers as a retirement model.

Trims, Body Styles And Options

2014 toyota fj cruiser 2

There is just one trim available with the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4X4.There is also a 2WD model but we will not stay focused on it. Manual transmission is included and you will receive air conditioning, power accessories, adjustable driver seat and passenger sit, tilt-only steering wheel, heavy duty vinyl flooring, a good speaker system, satellite radio, auxiliary audio jack and cloth upholstery (water resistant).

Many of the available options are bundled in different packages. You need to take a look at absolutely all of those that are offered so you choose one that includes absolutely all that you need. There are many interesting opportunities that are available for practically every wish. We can say that the options are a huge part of the reason why you may want to buy the Toyota FJ Cruiser 4X4 2014.


2014 toyota fj cruiser 4

The engine that powers the SUV is a V6 4.0 liters. It offers 260 hp and a torque of 271 pounds per foot. There are various drivetrain options that you can use. The standard setup includes 5-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive but you can easily opt for one of the 2 available 4WD options, one with manual transmission and one with automatic transmission.

The fuel economy for the four wheel drive models is 18 combined, with 17 in city and 20 highway.

Interior Design – Special Features

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The 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4X4 has a really interesting interior design that is quite stylish without offering many frills. The controls will be really easy to use and well placed but some of the knobs and buttons are quite huge. Front seats are really comfortable. You will particularly appreciate the rearview camera and the parking sensors as they are particularly useful.

The FJ Cruiser is a little tall and you will need to climb a little to get inside and the accommodations in the rear seats are a little tight for 3 adults. However, there is enough legroom available.


2014 toyota fj cruiser

You will be a little surprised of how well the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4X4 acts on the road, given the fact that the design is obviously meant for off-roading. You will like the fact that the engine offers much grunt and you can easily go through heavy duty driving. The problem is that much wind noise is heard when driving at high speeds on the highway. The Toyota SUV does not have an aerodynamic body.

When referring to off-roading. The 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4X4 is definitely in its own element. You have great ground clearance, tremendous tires and an advanced traction management system.

On the whole, this SUV is really great for off-roading but not that great for highway cruising. It can be great for city life but not for really long trips.