Quick 2018 Lincoln Navigator Review – What You Need To Know

Everyone is talking about Ford’s 2018 Lincoln Navigator because the manufacturer simply cannot cope with the demand of the consumers. This 2018 revamp is the first modification done by Ford in over 10 years so it is obvious it was going to turn heads. Even though we are talking about a high-end luxury SUV with an MSRP of $76,100, the high trims that go as high as $100,000 are those that are selling the best.

The main pros associated with buying a Lincoln Navigator are the really bold new looks, the interior as it is more spacious and quieter and the stronger engine with a high tow capacity. What you will most likely not like is the fact you have a V8 engine (some people simply hate the sound it makes) and the respect commanded is definitely not as high as Cadillac’s Escalade, although Navigator is now a strong competitor.

2018 Redesign

This is definitely a huge redesign so everything is changed. Buyers can enjoy brand new aluminum body panels, chassis and a weight that is lower by around 200 pounds. This new design was clearly influenced by the Continental but various updates are going to be appreciated, like increased infotainment options, quieter interior, luxurious interior appointments and revised drivetrain.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Overview

The power of the SUV is offered by a V6 EcoBoost generation 2 3.5 liter twin-turbo engine, which is capable of offering around 450 hp. The stop/start system included is new and the power is complemented with an automatic gearbox with 10 speeds, together with AWD and electronically locking of the rear differential.

If you want to know about luxury appointments, what is mainly interesting for many of the reviewers is the 30-ways adjustable power seats that even include massage function. You get leather seats in all the 3 rows, climate control and so much more.

In order to cancel cabin noise the Navigator now uses noise cancelling system, new tires, redesigned climate ducts and laminated windows. You can take full advantage of an updated infotainment system that includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a Revel Ultima 20 speakers audio system. There is an advanced rear entertainment system that is available with 10 inch screens for back passengers and headrests can include HDMI, SD and even USB ports. Wireless streaming for all screens can be added through Android phones.

Safety Features

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator features all the modern security features you expect. What is notable is the trailer backup assist, adaptive cruise control, 360 degrees cameras and heads-up display.

Final Thoughts

It is really easy to understand why the 2018 Lincoln Navigator sells so well at the moment and why Ford cannot cope with the huge demand that is present. The SUV is really good and stands out as a real competitor for Cadillac, which was definitely not the case till now. We are looking at a redesign that is much more impressive than expected so Ford did do a great move.