Range Rover – The Ideal Vehicle For A Forest Trip

Looking forward to an exciting holiday in the forests? Make sure that you have a Range Rover with you! Hiring a reliable rental car is one of the first things you need to do, while planning a foreign trip. If the tricky terrains of forests appeal to you the most, Range Rover cars would probably be your best choice. These vehicles offer a heady combination of style, comfort and advanced stability – so that you can enjoy the adventures of the forest trip to the fullest.


Range Rover
I, R1bc [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or FAL], via Wikimedia Commons

What makes Range Rover ideally suited for the forests?

–  Top-notch stability features – Driving on the uneven grounds of a forest requires greater stability and control – and the Range Rover comes up trumps on this count. When you rent a Range Rover, you virtually rule out the chances of losing control of the vehicle, even while driving in particularly dense sections of the forest. The superior braking features also warrant a special mention in this regard.

–  Sturdy physical features – ‘Strong’ and ‘spacious’ – these are the two adjectives that probably describe Range Rovers the best. This is not one of those fancy luxury cars, which require the smoothest of surfaces to perform at their best. In a Range Rover, you will be able to maintain vehicular balance with ease. Of course, if you are traveling in a large group – the extra space in this vehicle would also come in handy.

–  Airbags to counter collision problems – No matter how carefully you drive, chances of collisions and/or other accidents in a forest cannot be completely ruled out. This is where the value of the airbags present in these vehicles come into the picture. Airbags are present in front, on the sides, and even on the car ceilings, to provide you and your companions maximum protection. Rent a Range Rover – the vehicle will keep you safe during your adventure!

–  Prevents unauthorized entry/thefts – Unless the original key of the Range Rover is used in the vehicle, the latter would simply not start! This, in turn, does away with all your theft-related apprehensions, while going on a visit to a forest. You, and no one else, will be able to drive the vehicle – ain’t that a reassuring thought?

–  Anti-lock braking options – In a forest, you might need to apply the brakes often. That can result in the tires of the vehicle you have hired getting worn out soon. However, there is no reason to worry on that count, if you rent a Range Rover, from a reliable car dealer. These cars have anti-lock braking options, which allow the tires to keep rotating, as you apply the brakes suddenly. Turning and swerving the car also becomes a whole lot smoother.

–  Tough and durable seat belts – Traveling across a forest is a far cry from enjoying a smooth drive to the restaurants in Dublin, or the casinos in Las Vegas. The Range Rover has reliable seat-belts, with durable clasps – to keep you steady, particularly during a rather bumpy ride. Traveling in a Range Rover can be a pleasant affair, even if you are traversing along uneven forest grounds.