Rolls Royce To Launch SUV But It Won’t Be Called An SUV

It does sound weird for Rolls Royce to manufacture an SUV and it seems that the manufacturer agrees after reports appeared that a new SUV is going to hit the market. We are talking about Project Cullinan, which was presented by many as an SUV but Rolls Royce decided that it is not. The official name used by the manufacturer was “high-sided vehicle”, although it is not actually clear what that means.

Rolls Royce is renowned for wanting to get away from different labels, including that of SUV so coming up with a new acronym, HSV (high-sided vehicle) is interesting. What should hit the market is a luxury wagon that is high riding. Andrew Boyle, Rolls Royce global product communications manager, made hints that there will be departure from the already tested and tried route so the SUV is not what the manufacturer is going for as it tries to offer something new.

The idea is that there is a shift among different manufacturers towards a luxury SUV. Boyle did hint at that and declared:

“A number of other brands are entering into this area as well, with their own interpretations of what a luxury SUV should be. You’ll have to wait to see what we decide it should be, but I think you’ll find that it’ll be a different interpretation to what’s available today.”

Analysts are confused about what HSV should mean. Rolls Royce always launched massive cars so there is a possibility that someone just came up with the idea of scaling up the offerings on the market. If a larger Phantom appears, it is not going to be that utility or sport as to connect it to the SUV market so this may be why the new classification is desired.

There are also reports that Rolls Royce is not just working on this upcoming SUV/HSV. There should also be a brand new crossover that is going to appear with what was labeled as “Shooting break” so we cannot even be sure that this is the case.

Although we have no idea what Rolls Royce is actually working on, a brand new Phantom, a crossover or an SUV/HSV, it is a certainty that everything will appear in 2018.